UCSB Transfer Admittance Chances

Hello everyone! Brand new member to CC here!

I am a current CSU undergrad, first year. Looking to transfer to UCSB in the future.

I’m interested to know what my chances might be as a prospective transfer student to UCSB? Any advice or personal experiences would be greatly appreciated! Feel free to post your stats too!

Academic/Extracurricular Stats:

GPA: 3.4
Major: Psychology
UC Transferrable Courses: Completed by time of transfer application
ExtraCurriculars: clubs here and there, lots of high school involvement (ie. sports, yearbook, performing arts, club involvement, leadership, president of clubs – not sure if it’ll matter.) work experience!

California resident, however not from the area of UCSB or SoCal.

UCSB (UC Santa Barbara) is my first choice for a transfer school, but I’m not quite sure what my chances are looking like – especially considering the fact I’m not a part of TAG seeing as I’m a CSU student.

Help me make an educated guess at my admittance chances in the future!

Link for Transfer GPA’s by major for each UC campus. Take a look and see how you compare to the admit GPA range.


If you want to really go to a UC, bail out of the CSU and go to a Community College