UCSB Transfer Fall Class Registration

<p>I am a transfer student that will be starting at UCSB fall 2010. So my registration day for courses for the fall is in August or September. But classes are already filling up and it's making me feel as if I won't have any classes to choose from once my registration time comes up.</p>

<p>So do you guys know anyone who transferred and if you do, how hard is it to get into classes your first quarter?</p>

<p>Any help would be greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>I'm going to ucsb this fall and I know exactly what you're talking about </p>

<p>I'm just trying not to stress too hard about it, we are kind of screwed as far as registration priority</p>

<p>Same thing for UCSD. All classes are already filled, even the waitlist -_- I wonder how are we suppose to sign up for class lol</p>

<p>im in the same boat as you guys too...im going to miss being able to get all my classes</p>

<p>I called and talked to the UCSB registrar's office yesterday. They were very nice, but did not have the best of news.</p>

<p>She told me that unfortunately UCSB does not set aside spots in classes for transfer students when it comes to your first fall enrollment. Apparently it gets much better the next quarter because then they start including all the units you earned at your CC and UCSB combined, or something like that. The tips she gave me are:</p>

<p>1) Sign up for orientation. Orientation sign ups start THIS upcoming Monday (May 17th). She said that once you sign up for one of those slots your registration date shall change and you will be able to sign up for classes during orientation. It's still all the way in August, but that's much better than September:)</p>

<p>2) For those of you who have specific course plans during your two years, she advised that you should e-mail the professors of the classes you want and explain your situation. She said that some might be sympathetic to the fact that you are a transfer student and have a crummy registration day. They might even like the fact that you are taking initiative so early on to try and get the classes you want, and would show a definite interest in the class. Obviously it's very dependent on the professor, but there is a chance that they might give you an add code early on. It may not work, but it's worth a shot!</p>

<p>Hopefully his helped a bit. If any of you guys hear any updates on the situation, please share them here. </p>


<p>thanks mgunko, I shall sign up for orientation ASAP!</p>

<p>I guess it's not SUCH a bad thing, I was originally planning on diving into my major at full-speed, but I guess this forces me to take a somewhat lighter load, since some of the courses i was planning on taking are probably gonna be unavailable.</p>

<p>They suggest to take a light load anyways, so yea, lookin at the bright side. I'm also looking for interesting elective courses</p>

<p>oh damn, didn't know orientation costed $84!!!</p>

<p>Well it includes lunch, and we will atleast get to register 2 weeks earlier, so i guess it's worth it?</p>

<p>aw man, I can't even make it to the orientations. I'll be taking summer school courses and the orientations are around the finals. So I guess I'll be really really screwed.</p>

<p>I'm doing summer school over session B, so I don't think it will get in the way of things. Well I sure hope not!</p>

<p>hey guys i noticed you are all new transfers for fall 2010. do any of you have facebooks? Im just tryin to meet some new people who will also be transferring there</p>

<p>yeah, hit me up ^ my email is <a href="mailto:ajdavidson07@yahoo.com">ajdavidson07@yahoo.com</a></p>

<p>i have one as well. feel free to pm me.</p>