Hi guys, I am an international student who just completed 2 years in community college. I apply to several University as transfer student. I got accepted to all but I ended up comparing between 2 schools : UCSB vs SDSU.
About me: 3.6 gpa, BUSSINES MAJOR
Here is my opinions
UCSB: 38K per year
Pros: well known, high ranking and yes it is UC. High ranking is the biggest thing I that makes me concern about UC
Cons: located in small town ( I like metro area better, like LA ,SJ, SF, SD)
They don’t have Bus major, they only offer Econ
(this is what I heard) They are only good for those who planning on getting master or phd not for those who want to get a job
Econ is all about theories
I might not end up with high GPA since it is quite competitive in here ( I Don’t even know why I got accepted :, my sat and gpa was low compare to their avg, guess my personal statement was good  )
SDSU: 20k per year
In a great area
Their Bus Department is seems so good and their ranking for Bus is quite high
They have so many specific majors for Bus that will prepare me well for my future career
They are getting better year by year (ranking, acceptance percentage,…)
They just started their research department which is nice for a CSU.
Their rank is not as high as UC
SDSU is still a CSU school ( my opinion)
Actually be honest, the whole thing is just about ranking. In my opinion, SDSU is over UCSB everything except reputation. Is that reputation worth ?
(pros and cons are my opinion and sorry for my bad English )

I personally would go to UCSB because first, it has a way better and more prestigious name than SDSU. Plus, UCSB is known to have the most beautiful campus out of all UC’s. Everyone I know that goes there is enjoying their time at UCSB. If you’re worried that you might not do as well at UCSB since it’s more competitive than SDSU, don’t. Because the fact that you got in shows that you’re what the school looks for. If they didn’t think you could survive at UCSB, they would have rejected you. Ultimately, you have to go with the school that will make you a happier student overall. Google more information about both schools and watch YouTube videos about both campuses, perhaps that can help you decide which one you’ll feel comfortable in! Congrats on the acceptances and good luck!

I really appreciate your answer. Right now i am like 60 for SDSU, 40 for UCSB. My opinion, UCSB is about the name and ranking( but it is just my opinion). Anyway, thank you so much

SDSU’s business program ranking is higher than UCSB for California. It is 5th below Stanford, UCB, UCLA and USC. UCSB does not have a true Business major but does offer Accounting/Finance specialty under their Econ major. I would compare curriculum’s for each school to see if there are any major differences. SD area has many great opportunites in socially and academically. UCSB is a beautiful campus but so is SDSU, just not on the beach. Great choices and Good Luck

SDSU is better than UCSB for the business major. UCSB can’t come close to that.


It has a very strong reputation for business. It is a very large major at SDSU and is highly and well-regarded nationwide for it’s international business program (#10 in the nation).

The business major at SDSU is impacted and it is very tough to get into.

They have a lot of ties and internships in the business community. The trolley station is on-campus and goes directly into town. (15-20 minute commute?)

UCSB doesn’t have a business major. For the commute to LA for internships, it will be a long nightmare. UCSB is “north” of the main town of Santa Barbara and is difficult to get to if you don’t have transportation, because it is on the coast and there is one highway. (if there is an accident on the #1- PCH, you will be stuck for hours). Public transportation will be difficult. Please use “google” maps and get travel time estimates and you will see what I mean.

That being said, you also need to consider the following:

As an international student, however, you have to assume that you will be returning to your home country after graduation. You cannot assume that you will be employed by a US company after graduation from either school.

When you are accepted by US universities, it is for your education only and you are provided with a student visa. This has nothing to do with immigration. The US government requires employers to state that no US citizens, nor permanent residents, are available for job positions before they can consider a non-citizen. Plus employers aren’t willing to pay sponsorship fees, nor wait months to employ an international candidate when there are plenty of business major candidates who are US citizens.

@Gumbymom so you are saying if i will not go wrong with either UCSBor SDSU right ?
@“aunt bea” I am not planning to stay here but place where i came from ( Singapore), job market is so so competitive so few years of working or internships will help me a lot
Anyway thanks both of you guys

Bumpppp, Deadline is coming and im still here, can’t decide where should i go :frowning:

For name recognition, go to UCSB. For the better business program, go for SDSU. No one can tell you where to go. Like I stated above, compare the Business/Econ major curriculum’s to see which you like better. Both are great schools and since you will be returning home, you need to find out which school will make you more employable in your home country.


No need to bump - you’ve already got the answer - if you want prestige/name recognition outside CA, UCSB is your answer. If you want to study in the better program, choose SDSU.

The choice is yours

It sounds like the UC name will carry more weight back in your country. But if you want to gain the knowledge and skill set of a true undergrad business degree, then SDSU is a better choice.

i finally picked SDSU after all, thank you guys for your advices