UCSB vs Syracuse

Hey guys!!
I am about to start my second year at a CC in California, and getting ready to transfer soon. I am a political science major, and deciding between (hopefully, but likely) attending either UCSB or Syracuse in New York. If anyone has experience just transferring to either school or being a poli sci major there, please feel free to tell me how you like it! Anything will be helpful. Thanks so much :slight_smile:

UCSB is the stronger school academically. If cost is a consideration or if you want to work in the west coast long term, I would go there.

In-State tuition for UCSB sounds like a great offer. Apart from that, if the weather is any consideration, UCSB weather is absolutely GORGEOUS! One of my best friends goes to UCSB, so I tend to go often to visit her and she absolutely loved it, though she was in CS.
What are your reasons for wanting to go to Syracuse? Also, is there a reason specifically those two programs?
Regardless, I’m around as long as you need, so feel free to reply if you want to talk.

Yes, what are your reasons for Syracuse? UCSB is by far the better school, cheaper tuition, great weather, gorgeous location, and seems more stable (all things change but … )

Lately Syracuse has been rocked by racism issues–someone reporting racism sent I believe via phones and the uproar was so inflamed that the school canceled classes. It also is extremely expensive and the president recently tacked on an additional bill for all students. I can’t remember the exact amount but it was something like $1400 per student across the board. This is an already expensive school. Syracuse has many fine programs. If you are intent on one program that it offers then perhaps keep this one on your list, but if you were my child I’d suggest looking at other schools if you’re interested generally in the school.

Hey! Thanks so much for a response. My main interest in Syracuse really was just the experience of living on the east coast. I was not aware about the racism going on at Syracuse, as as a POC I definitely want to steer clear from it. UCSB is looking better and better!

Hey!! Thanks for the response, after further consideration, I am 100% leaning towards UCSB. The weather seems amazing over there :,)

Syracuse has a top 5 US Government School. Weather is an issue. City is shabby and decadent, but the Campus is one of the most beatiful that I’d visited. Add this the #1 Public Relation Program (Newhouse) and the oldest and#1 University Journal (Daily Orange). SU will give you an edge for a Washington job, more than UCSB.

Wow, you need to take off those orange colored glasses. :slight_smile:

Really ranked higher than Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Duke Michigan, Berkeley…??? (heck most of the individual UC campuses are ranked higher than SU in that discipline.)

OTOH, 'Cuse is top 10 in PR/Public Affairs, but Woodie Woo is typically considered #1.

My East Coast daughter would give anything for a chance to go to UCSB!!! Great school and beautiful setting but to expensive for oos…

Agree with @stacysmom21: It is difficult to unsee UCSB’s stunning location. Based on this factor, I think that Syracuse was placed in an almost unwinnable position for a prospective poly sci major.

The competition might be closer if California based OP was deciding between UCSB & the University of Vermont Honors College.

Or UCSB & the College of Charleston Honors College.