I was wondering if anyone could give me information about UCI and UCSB. Whats the campus life like? Acadmeics? anything at all would be appreciated.

They both offer a virtual tour so you can see the campus and the surrounding area:



What are you particularly interested in knowing about campus life? Freshman or Transfer?

Academics: Area of intended major/interest?

Are you a California resident?


I have been to both and can answer questions as well. As was mentioned above, can you share a little more about what you are looking for?

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I am going to be a transfer student. I currently go to cal poly. I am intending to be a political science major. What is there to do one the weekends at each campus? I know Irvine is more academic-focused but is there no social life at all or?? I have heard housing in SB is terrible is that true? Which area gives you the opportunity to make more connections.

Irvine is more quiet on weekends as students who live in the area often go home. UCSB has more of a social scene - probably similar to SLO.

Most UCSB students live in Isla Vista which is biking distance to campus. There are a lot of apartments in IV but leases are signed months in advance. It is difficult to find apartments close to the beach (ie. on Del Playa (DP)) or close to campus. At UCI, students tend to live farther away and take the bus or drive to campus. There are more options but less of a college town feel. Both schools have transfer student housing.

Are you asking about potential internships and jobs or social connections?

I have a son at UCSB and I’ve lived in several different condos close to UCI. The stereotypes of culture seem accurate to me. UCI has a large studious Asian population. I personally didn’t see much partying going on, but the shopping/restaurant centers are busy and alive on weekends (well, pre-Covid). UCSB has the beach party vibe. When I was there recently, there were two huge 12-person floats in the ocean, full of rowdy students. My son shares a large 4 bedroom house (2/room) in Isla Vista about 3 streets from the beach. Many students hang out in their yards, BBQ, play games, skate. Very open and social environment. He pays about $750 a month. He plans to rollerblade to class when they finally get back. As lkg4answers said, he had to sign the 12 month lease months in advance and was bound by the time full online was announced.

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