**UCSB Waitlist Class of 2025**

2020 Waitlist stats:

of applicants waitlist: 9885

of applicants accepting the waitlist: 6342

of applicants admitted: 6103

You can check previous years in the common dataset section C2.

Hello Gumbymom,

Can you tell me if UCSB accets letters of continued interest from their waitlisted applicants? I understand that last year there was a text form on the waitlist page where students could submit a LOCI, but I am not seeing it this year. Perhaps I am missing it?
Thank you!

Last year was the only year that UCSB accepted LOCI’s so I am not sure if this policy is in effect this year. UCSB does not consider an applicants level of interest but can email them your question.

Got it. I appreciate your prompt response.

UCSB has been my dream school for years. I was placed on the waitlist a couple days ago. Am I able to complete an appeal form? Or do I have to send letters to the admin? Also should I mail in stuff or just email?

Applicants on the waitlist are not eligible to appeal. In addition, applicants may not appeal to be placed on the waitlist. If you are eligible to appeal, the “Appeal” tab will appear at the top of your UCSB Applicant Portal during the appeal submission period.

What can I do then to show that it is my top choice? Should I email in letters of continued interest? I am from California and they don’t have an admissions officer for California.

They normally do not consider LOCI’s but can email admissions to confirm.
Opting into the waitlist shows your interest.
Here is Waitlist FAQ: https://admissions.ext-prod.sa.ucsb.edu/sites/default/files/2021-03/Waitlist_FAQ_F21.pdf

I want to make sure I am reading this correctly… Last year, UCSB admitted 6103 from their waitlist of 6342?

Thank you!

Yes, they pretty much took everyone off the waitlist due to so many students not enrolling because of Covid and no in-person classes. With the goal of having in-person/on campus classes this year, I am sure the numbers will be much lower.
Below are the 2019 stats:
2019 Waitlist stats:
Waitlist Offers: 8,863
Waitlist Opt-Ins: 5,865
Waitlist Admits: 604

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Does that make this year’s admissions more challenging? Did those students have to re-apply this year, or were spots set aside for them automatically?

Some UC’s allowed deferrals: UCSC and UCD but as far as I am aware, UCSB did not allow deferrals so those applicants would have had to reapply. It should be interesting to see what happens with the waitlists, but I think most schools will be relying on the waitlists heavily this year.

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That means getting into UCSB is almost twice as hard this year because you are competing with almost twice as many students.

Well all application numbers are up due to gap year students and the test blind policy. Only time will tell.

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Thank you for providing those numbers and your perspective as well.

Do you know the 2021 stats for number of applicants accepted or waitlisted?

No, the final stats come out after May 1.

you could also try appealing in which most colleges read appeals before the waitlist.

You cannot appeal while on the waitlist for UCSB.