UCSC Chance me

California Resident
Academic GPA High school: (UW. 3.475) (W: 3.900) UC GPA: (UW: 3.36) (WC: 3.64)
ACT: 27
AP Exams:
AP English: 2
AP World History: 2
Senior year, I’m taking IB HOTA, IB english, AP Stats, I’m also reporting IB scores and future AP scores.

Income Level: my family is below the guidelines, like 19,000k a year

Intended Major: Astrophysics or Environmental Science/Systems

Editor in Chief of school paper plus editor for 3 years
JV Academic League, League Champions, Varsity Academic League
Internship at major daily newspaper for 5 weeks
Key Club
IB Service Club (S.T.I.N.G.)
3 years of JV Track
50 hours of Community service

That’s pretty much it, I believe my extracurriculars will guide me through but I mainly want to know whether or not Astrophysics and environmental systems are impacted majors at UCSC. Do I have a shot at UCSC or another college like UC Davis?

UC GPA is below the average but within range. ACT looks on target.

Freshman admit rate 2015 for UC GPA of 3.4-3.79:
UCSC was 47%
UCD was 11%
UCSB was 13%
UCI was 16%

Consider UCR/UCM as Match schools.

UCSC is a High Match-Low Reach (Astrophysics)
UCD is a Reach.

Again this does not take into account, competitive majors, EC’s and essays



I think you have a solid shot at Santa Cruz but, Davis is a reach.

Be sure to apply to at least one school you know you’ll be admitted to. UCR, UCM. SDSU and CSULB are all worth an ap.
Good luck