UCSC chances

<p>Hey, i LOVE everything i have read/heard about Santa Cruz.
I just want someone to CHANCE me or what are my chances entering the school</p>

<p>I am a senior, instate, Asian,i will probably take it in December again or are my chances good enough with my SAT score?</p>

<p>10-11th GPA: 4.05
UC GPA 3.75
SAT: 1570</p>

-Best record at Beckman 3 years in a row
-Beckman Varsity 4 years in a row
-Captain of Beckman Varsity Tennis for 3 years
-Freshman School award: Beckman's Boys Varsity Tennis Coaches' Award
-Sophomore School award: Beckman's Boys Varsity Tennis Co-Most Valuable Player Award
-Junior School award: Beckmna's Boys Varsity Varsity Tennis Most Valuable Player
-Summer 2008 Boys SIngles champion</p>

<p>Other Highschool Leadership actives:
-member, Junior Class Council (Help run the school actives, have to be accepted)
-member, Senior Class Council
-VP for 2 years, Relay for Life Club
-Junior Publicist, Go Green Club
-Member, California Scholarship Federation Club
-Member, Red Cross Club
-Member, Beckman's Senior Link CRU(Freshman mentors, selective amount get in)</p>

<p>Tennis:Usta= united states tennis association</p>

<p>5 years in a row, USTA Team Tennis California Sectionals
Represented Southern California at the USTA Gar Glenney State Cup 2009 as the number one seed
USTA Junior Tennis National Championships 2008, Team finished 11th in the Nation</p>

<p>can someone tell me the vibe that is at UCSC :)</p>

<p>Chance at UCSC - in.
Now, I think you should considering applying for UCI, UCSB, or UCD, especially if you score higher on your SAT. Your GPA is pretty high.
As far as the vibe at UCSC goes, I have seen and love the campus. It seems really relaxed and nature-ey. There is a sort of "hippy" vibe to it, but that's not a bad thing by any means. From what I've heard/seen from graduates and current attendees, it's a nice place to go to college, but academically you might want to strive higher.</p>

<p>thanks refreshe4!
sorry, for responding late, i didnt see this. I was really scared that i would be turned down because of my SAT score. Also, the average on the paper for UCSC was a 3.7 so i was only .5 higher. i just hope i get in :D</p>