UCSC for Engineering?

<p>Ok i am currently going to CSULB for CompE, but i am thinking about transferring to Santa Cruz for Computer Science or maybe Information Systems Management + Comp Sci minor.</p>

<p>Is there a big, if at all improvement from Long Beach to Santa Cruz?</p>

<p>Id really really appreciate some input and advice here. thanks.</p>

<p>transfer to UCI instead</p>

<p>Why would you tell them to go to UCI instead, they aren't well known for engineering or CS</p>

<p>What about Davis?</p>

<p>Something like UCLA, Cal, or UCSD will be much better.</p>

<p>Well obviously, but it depends on if you think you can get into those schools. Cal would be the best, but if you dont have a chance of getting in, you cant consider it.</p>

<p>For Engineering for you can't get into the tier 1 schools, UCSB and Davis would be better than Irvine.</p>

<p>VTBoy: they are known for their CS....</p>

<p>Another one to consider would be cal poly</p>

<p>Citan not really. Cal is known for its program though.</p>

<p>VTBoy: let's be feasible...he has more chances of getting into UCI from CSU than from Cal</p>

<p>and UCI is ranked 11 in Information Systems and 29 in computer science...much better than UCSC</p>

<p>Well I wouldnt get into those higher schools. I applied to UCI when i was a senior and didnt get in, but they didnt see my senior year grades and it was really my best year. I also did well on my AP Lit, Econ, and Gov tests. So im not sure if that would make big enough of a difference. Id like to go to Davis though.</p>

<p>But if we just say UCSC vs Long Beach, is it worthwhile or should i just go for UCI and Davis?</p>

<p>Why not go for all of them and see what happens? Personally between long beach and UCSC I would say UCSC because i think overall the UC system would be viewed a step above CSU system. How about Cal Poly?</p>

<p>Oh yeah, for Davis i would have to take classes that i dont need at Long Beach like Chem. So i would have to take those classes and i wouldnt be able to go next year and there is still no guarantee of me being admitted. I dont want to have to take extra classes or anything. I wouldnt have to at UCI but i dunno...</p>

<p>For Cal Poly id have to have at least 60 units.</p>

Why would you tell them to go to UCI instead, they aren't well known for engineering or CS


<p>Actually, I believe UCI has the best CS program outside the top 3 UCs (B, LA, SD).</p>

<p>Your right I was thinking it wouldn't all that great since their engineering school is at the bottom of the UC ranking. But CS major and classes aren't in the engineering school, apparently it has its own little school.</p>

<p>Looking over the CS requirements at Irvine, I am shocked to see they don't require Multivariate Calculus. This should be a required class.</p>

<p>For the OP, it is really hard to transfer from CSU to a UC since you have lowest priority. You should talk to an adivisor from your school and from UCSC if you want to transfer to there.</p>

<p>So what do you guys think about the Information Systems Management degree? Is it worthwhile?</p>