Hi I’m currently a student at UCSC but I feel like I want to go back to community college then transfer to SFSU. I already have around 60 semester (90 quarter) credits and there isn’t much room to get my GPA up. Right now it’s between 2.7-2.9. I am applying to an unimpacted campus for an unimpacted major, and I am local from Alameda county.

I heard that as long as you pass the 2.0 GPA threshold and meet all course requirements for a non impacted major and school you automatically get in as a transfer? Can anyone confirm this? It’s not a major I can AAT for.

You can transfer to SFSU directly from UCSC, if you are eligible according to

SFSU’s local area for admissions is the State of California according to

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why do you want to leave UCSC and what about SF is going to be different?

  1. UCs especially UCSC is just a lot more research orientated, and I feel like going to a CSU for a business admin in marketing would be more practical and teach me actual skills. I would change my major from environmental science.

  2. UCSC does have an econ and a business management econ degree, but it’s an econ degree, not a business one. Also I’m right at the expiration date to officially declare a major, plus I can’t meet the GPA requirement to declare either majors in the first place.

  3. Housing is almost impossible to find unless I somehow find a place and commute from San Jose or Monterey. SF is probably just as expensive, but at least I have options. Options for easily accessible internships, work, food, and so on. And even if I don’t find a tiny room in SF, I can definitely commute from home.

  4. Don’t think it’s worth paying close to 30k a year at UCSC specifically for my major and what I want to do.

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All valid reasons to transfer so Best of luck.

all valid reasons - as long as you meet the required courses list you should be good to go. You might also want to apply to another CSU or 2, East Bay, Sonoma or Sac so you have options either way.

Good luck!