UCSC to Community College to other UCs

<p>Lately Ive been thinking a way to transfer out of UCSC as soon as possible. I really dont want to stay here for 2 years to transfer to another UC school. I am aware that I would need at least 60 units and a gpa of 3.8 to transfer. I can probably get 60 units before my second year but Im not so sure about maintaining a 3.8 since I have alot of work outside of school (Need $). </p>

<p>Since transfering from UCSC to another UC might be a strech for me I was thinking about transfering to a community college as a second year and transfer to one of my desired schools (UCLA, UCSB and UCB) the following year. My academic advisor informed me of that option because community college students gets first priority for transfering. So does anyone know the requirements to transfer from a community college to UC schools? Think its a good/bad idea?</p>

<p>Any suggestions would be appreciated, thank you!</p>


<p>It's recommended on here all the time. Start off by reading the stickies at the top of the forum, and there are some links there as well to some good info directly from the UCs.</p>

<p>Depending on your major, you won't really need a 3.8 even for UCLA or UCB.</p>

<p>Good luck,

<p>CaptainK, I was just curious as to why you want to get out of UCSC so bad. I applied there, it is probably my last choice though. Is there something you really didn't like about it?</p>

<p>probably the same reason it is your last choice</p>

<p>honestly i'd rather stay here at sjsu than go to ucsc</p>

<p>Could someone give me some more insight please? If I don't get accepted to UCB or UCLA then I would have to choose between UCD or UCSC. I havent decided between Davis or SC yet. If it came down to that, I figure I would visit each campus and then decide. Is it because its such a liberal school? I actually liked the fact it is so liberal. Is there something about the school I dont know about?</p>

<p>KGZotU, I am aware there are links regarding to my topic but I was hoping to hear someone from personal expirirence but thanks for letting me know about the gpa. </p>

<p>fijeeboi, Im not saying UCSC is a bad school but its just isnt for everyone. I just think UCSC is boring and nothing much goes in that school. Not much social life either. Santa Cruz city is dull and depressing seeing low life bums high on meth. Plus on the weekends ALOT of freshmen goes home so if your not from nor cal, like me, youre pretty much stuck not doing much on the weekends (Unless you tag along with them). I mean, if you smoke pot then you might get some kick out of it but you dont have to go to college to get high. The parties, even frat parties, arent that great either because its usually crammed inside a tiny house and gets busted by the cops before midnight. I know im complaining alot but Ive been o UCSB, UCLA, UCD, a little bit of UCB and UCSD visiting some friends and I can tell you that even though its the same UC school theirs are ALOT better. Better in term of campus development, social life, school system and alot more. This makes me mad because UCSC has SO MUCH potential to be a better school (Even the city) but the local insists to keep UCSC looking like a crap hole. Santa Cruz is def. unique but compared to the Bay Area, which I love to death, it made me realize that I shot myself on the foot by choosing Santa Cruz. I gave it some time but Im just not happy to be here. Im not proud to go here and hate telling people where I go to college. It doesnt even feel like a college but it feels just like a summer camp. From what Ive seen so far, academics here arent that impressive either (Even though UCSC is nationally ranked, the reason why I chose this school). The bottom line is if youre not sure whether to come here or not, then chances are you wont enjoy being in UCSC. If, though, the fact of being away from the city and living in somewhere youve never expirienced before excites you, then you should consider going to UCSC. Just go visit the campus and get the feel of it. Ive talked to bunch of people here and they said the same exact thing I just said so I know Im not alone. Im not saying dont go to UCSC but Im just stating my honest opinion of what Ive expirienced so far. I know choosing colleges are tough and confusing sometimes but you have to keep in mind that your choosing the location of where youll live for the next 4 years of your life. If youre not comfortable living there then your school work might suffer as well.</p>

<p>...Ha that was a long post, guess i really want to get out of here lol</p>

<p>same what my 2-3 friends that are freshman at UCSC said
except they usually go home on weekends cuz like u said, are from norcal :D
and i went to the santa cruz beach tonight, it was alright but a little cold of course :P</p>

<p>Anyone else?</p>

<p>I can't believe you think that the school looks like a "crap hole." I guess if you hate nature....</p>

<p>Anyway, I could be wrong, but I think if you transfer from UC to community college and back to UC you lose some of the priority you gain from being a community college transfer.</p>

<p>Haha I'm actually trying to go to UCSC.</p>

<p>I picked SDSU instead of UCSC out of high school and I'm shooting myself in the foot for making that decision. I've got a bunch of friends that go to santa cruz so that might be influencing more. Sure, it's not for everyone but the campus is unbelievable, the city is tight (although there are some crappy areas), the people are genuinely nice. You won't find many stuck up pricks there. But if your not a fan of the herbal location, then I could understand wanting to get out just as I'm not a fan of the built up, materialistic San Diego.</p>

<p>CaptainK I TOTALLY know how you feel. I’m also a freshman at UCSC & i’m from So-Cal & i dont think i can last another year at UCSC this past quarter was bad enough. I love the nature & thats the main reason why i went there, because i like to hike & because of the name of the UC, but its not worth how miserable i feel surrounded by all the tree-hugging hippies that i share nothing in common with! I want to transfer out SO badly im about ready to drop-out and apply to a community college in my home city (which, coincidentally enough, is "the built up, materialistic San Diego). Santa Cruz is just too small, too liberal, too crazy and wild for me. I like the big city, buildings, lights, and things to do other than getting high in the forrest. I didnt even get the chance to visit UCSC until orientation but if i would have known how different it would be living there, i would never have chosen it. Like you said, its not that its a bad school, its just not for me.</p>