UCSC to SJSU Transfer?

<p>So I'm currently a sophomore at UCSC and I want to transfer to San Jose State. In short, I've decided to go into animation, and UCSC doesn't have that program (well, they're working on getting one, however I don't think they'll have it ready in time for me). There are also other reasons why I'd like to a State school, such as it being a lot cheaper.</p>

<p>I'm running into problems though. I'm checking on the SJSU website, as well as Assist.org, but I can't find any specific course transfer information for GEs between the two schools, which understandably is freaking me out. I know it is possible to transfer between the schools; I've contacted my friend who has transferred, trying to find the information I need as much as possible. If anyone can help me, it'd be really helpful. Thank you so much if you can help me!</p>

<p>Bump. I'm in the same pickle. Except it's UCI that doesn't offer animation. :(</p>

<p>Contact admissions at SJSU
Talk to a counselor at UCSC</p>

<p>Taken from the SJSU website:</p>

<p>Students from UCs, Out of State Colleges and Universities and International Students</p>

<p>As there is little to no articulation available for institutions from out of state, out of the country and the University of CA, students can find out which GE requirements they still need to take at the Transfer Orientation. If the student still has questions after Orientation, then he or she will need to make an appointment to see a GE Advisor at Academic Advising & Retention Services to figure out which requirements must still be met AFTER the add/drop period at the beginning of the semester (first three weeks). Many students take major classes their first semester until they find out which other requirements must still be met.</p>