UCSC vs. UCSB for brain sciences

I committed to UCSC for cognitive science but I just found out that I got off the waitlist for UCSB. (My major there would be Psychological & Brain Sciences.) I’m planning to pursue my studies in cognitive science/ neuroscience for my undergrad and then have a deeper focus in grad school. I am conflicted between which school I should choose. I really like the environment of UCSB (as well as its higher ranking) but their brain sciences department seems very small. UCSC, on the other hand, has a big focus on cognitive science and has a well thought out program for cognitive science as well as neuroscience. Any suggestions?

they are both great, go where you want - as long as you can figure out housing,

Based on the info. shared in your post, UCSC appears to be the better choice for you based on your major area of study.

Two great options. Go to the school which you prefer when all factors relevant to you are considered.

No wrong choice.

Congratulations !

Which one did you choose?