<p>sooo i basically know nothing about ucsc except ive heard that its kind of outdoorsy? I really wasn't even thinking about going there. I visited the northern colleges (stanford, berkeley, davis) but i didn't see ucsc, but i applied there with the major of legal studies. I'd like to do law. Anyway, they are the only uc to have this major and so got accepted there with this major so im somewhat interested now. can anyone explain the school to me or something? ive heard you have to be a certain kinda person to like it? is this true? thaaanks</p>

<p>If the only reason you're interested in UCSC is because of the Legal Studies major, I suggest you go take a look at the law board. You can go to law school with any major, and some (a fair number of law school admissions officers included) say that anything along the lines of "pre-law" is actually inadvisable (and certainly unnecessary). Like I said, I don't know anything about this particular program, nor do I know what else you might be able to do with a Legal Studies degree. You could be just fine, but definitely look further into this.</p>

<p>I recommend searching for the "FAQ" thread on the law board before creating your own post.</p>