I need advice regarding UCSD and SDSU.
I have a 3.5 GPA and I am majoring in Biology/Public Health for both schools. I know they are both very hard to get in. I have 3 C’s in my transcript and a few W’s. I have completed all my major courses with A’s and B’s up to Organic Chemistry 2. The C’s I got were non-major courses such as sociology/pols and so on. And for the W’s I had an emergency going on so I had to drop and those W’s don’t involve major courses such as bio/chem. I have so many extracurricular activities that I have done over the years such as volunteering in ICU and Laboratory for almost 1.5 years, Tutoring, teacher assistant, Many clubs, Volunteering at a Medical office, being a leader in a Youth center that is basically a school, public safety academy and so on for years and I am still very active doing whatever I can through zoom. But the worst part is that my GPA is a 3.5 because of those C’s. Will the admissions look at those C’s and W’s? Do I have low chances into getting admitted? Please give your honest opinions I would appreciate it a lot. Thank you.

For UCSD, the UC transfer GPA admit range for Public Health was 3.55-3.84 in 2019. No updated data for 2020 as of yet so a slight Reach. For SDSU, you have a better chance especially if you are local. If not local, I would apply more broadly.

The C’s will be considered but the W’s are not something to worry about unless you have an excessive number.


Best of luck and what is your backup if you are denied admission at both schools?

@Gumbymom is familiar with UC undergraduate admissions, and may be able to provide some advice.

UCSD is not a participant, but have you considered the TAG program for California CC students? It guarantees admission to one of the 6 UC participants pending certain requirements. Here’s the information: https://admission.universityofcalifornia.edu/admission-requirements/transfer-requirements/transfer-admission-guarantee-tag.html

If you completed all the required transfer courses, does assist.org list any recommended courses that are available at your CC?

Hey Community,

I have taken gen chem 1, gen chem 2, ochem 1, ochem 2, all these including their labs.
I have taken General Biology 1 and 2 with their labs as well.
I completed all my IGETC courses.
I majoring in Biology for both these schools which are mentioned above.
What other classes do you guys recommend me taking to increase my chances in order getting accepted to these two schools.
My GPA by the end of Winter is 3.5 estimated and Spring not counting yet.

So my question is, what classes you guys recommend me taking to increase my chances into getting accepted to these two schools.