UCSD Appeal... Appeal

I just have to share this story with you guys. My best friend applied to just about all of the UC’s. After his rejection from UCLA, his top choice was UCSD, but he got rejected there too, eventually. We both got into UCI, but we both live here and neither of us want to stick around home.

Naturally, he appealed to UCSD. By this time, he was getting almost feverish with the mantra that he did not want to go to college at home. Late April rolls around and sure enough, on the 29th-ish, his appeal rejection comes in the mail.

I then watched this boy as he sat through all of english class writing a 4-page HANDWRITTEN letter to the UCSD admissions office. The jist of the letter was as follows:

“You rejected my appeal, but I really want to go to UCSD. When it really comes down to it, I’m a better applicant than most of the people you accepted because I truly care about academics and becoming a better, well educated person. But you know what? Even if you don’t accept me, I am going to succeed fabulously.”

Except, it was quite eloquent and I would even say inspiring.
On Thursday, May 12th, a letter arrived informing my friend that he was being offered a place of admission, but he would have to decide within 24 hours and express-mail his SIR.

Ironically, after deliberating it with me all night, the next day he came to school and said “Screw UCSD.”

But hey, perserverence and dedication pay off!

<p>so he's going to UCI? why did he not take advantage of UCSD's offer???</p>

<p>grrr, haha oh well</p>

<p>-a girl who had ucsd as a former top choice-</p>

<p>Dude can you post an excerpt? I really want to see how good a piece of writing is enough to turn an admissions officer around</p>

<p>yea, he made a photocopy. i'll try to get it and post it up.</p>

<p>r u ever gonna post it? cuz I really wann see it. u dont have to post the entire letter. just an excerpt so I can asses the quality of writing</p>

<p>Hi, could you please post the letter? Im in a similar situation and it would really be a great help... thanks!</p>