UCSD Bioengineering Vs. Bioengineering:Pre Med

<p>Hey guys,
I just got accepted in UCSD ECR for computer engineering(CSE). The problem is that i want to change my major to Bioengineering. But from what i have herd that cant be done but you can go into Bioengineering:Pre-Med which focuses less on the engineering but more on the med. I was wondering which is more prestigious at UCSD? Which program is better and why? I keep hearing that UCSD is known for it Bioengineering program but which one, last time i checked they had a couple different bioengineering programs. So i guess my question is: Is bioengineering: pre-med just as well known and awesome as the other bioengineering program. I also wanted to ask if what college you get into will effect my ability to change to certain majors? Or should i stay with CSE?</p>

<p>the regular bioeng is an accredited course, which is better if you wanna become an engineer. the biomedeng is MUCH better if you want to go to med school; it's probably the only way you can do it w/o getting killed w/ med school requirements plus reg bioeng. but either one is very welll known, don't worry about that.</p>

<p>this post is 6 years later, but for anyone interested, i can answer this question. i graduated from the pure bioeng major at ucsd.</p>

<p>bioeng premed is being phased out - it's too spread out between engineering and biology, that you'll be too much a jack of all trades and a master of neither. this won't be relevant to anyone, anymore.</p>

<p>but the pure bioeng major is very competitive, and better. i think it's essentially equivalent to a degree in mechanical engineering. it's really mechanical engineering applied to physiology - you'll have lots of class projects to do that are oriented in biomedical / physiological science. except you don't have a class in vibrations or partial differential equations. because those subjects are less relevant to bioengineering.</p>