UCSD Class of 2024 Applicant Discussion

Hello everyone! I couldn’t find a discussion for the students who recently applied and are awaiting a decision, so I guess I’m starting one :slight_smile: I applied for political science, but the most insight I could find on decisions being released was past years, so hopefully we’ll all find out soon enough!

My D20 applied to Theatre and submitted the optional video which we are hoping helps with admissions. This is a reach school for her. I do not think decisions will be released until mid-March.

I have 3/30 written down, but i think the portal said “by 3/30” not “on 3/30”
Good luck to all!

Is regent scholarship invitation sent out?

@capcase: UCSD does a calling campaign a week prior to sending out decisions where many of the Regent scholarship recipients are notified. If not notified during the calling campaign, then it would be stated on your UCSD decision page.

UCSD does not send invites, you are just selected automatically.

@Gumbymom did they do the calling campaign last year? I couldn’t find it in the Class of 2023 thread. I also didn’t see mention of the local/VIP weekend. Just wondering if they changed things.

@lkg4answers: Last year I believe there was a mix up on the calling campaign dates and calls may have not gone out since there is no mention from the CC posts as noted last year. I haven’t looked into the calling campaign for this year until now and there is no mention on the website so @capcase, notification for Regents may be only at the time of decision.

The local/VIP weekend is also not mentioned so most likely UCSD changed things up again??

Anyone else get an email from the Residence Deputy entitled “Residency Documents Requested”? I understand the financial aid office works separately from admissions but it seems a little last minute to be sending out verification so close to March.

Yes, my son got the same email requesting Residency Documents.

no, but I believe I uploaded them before

@intricuit Yes, we received the request for documents of non-citizen parents.

Did they tell everyone to apply for financial aid today? Do we only need to submit the fafsa?

@collegeappacc: UC’s are FASFA only and the deadline is March 2 so just a reminder to all.

When are decisions due to come out?

@gratefulmama: No confirmation on a specific date. 2 dates that are likely: March 13 or March 20. All decisions will be completed by end of March for Freshman applicants.

Thank you!

Caveat: I don’t know anything about coding but picked this information up from another college thread. After logging into your portal, has anyone tried to use the “view-source” code in the web browser to view the coding for their portal page? I’m sure this means NOTHING but was curious to know if anyone else sees “admitted_banner”?

I see it too for my son. Does it mean anything? :slight_smile:

@orugallu probably not, but I guess we will have a better idea when decisions are released.

@sunkissedskidoo Man, you got me excited! I see it too but I also found waitlist amongst the code. So, who knows!