UCSD Combined Medical Program

<p>Has anyone got the call for UCSD Combined Medical Program? It is supposed to start today but I already heard that they called some (at least one) people last week...</p>

<p>This must be one of those weirdest coincidences. As soon as I posted this, I got the call for the interview…</p>

<p>No one watching BS/MD threads trying for UCSD?? bump…</p>

<p>Haven’t been contacted yet… don’t know what to think. :&lt;/p>

<p>Caltech/UCSD med scholars were contacted today.</p>

<p>Sat score plz</p>

Subjects: 760/740/750
My SAT is marginally higher than the cutoff (2250) so my chances are pretty low</p>

<p>Once you get the call, all your scores, GPAs are out of the picture. It is mainly research, interest, etc that are considered during the interview.</p>