UCSD Econ major

<p>Hi, i was comm. major but I currently changed to Economics...(2nd year, fall10)
I heard UCSD's Econ major is REALLY hard.... and lots of readings and math works... is that true????????
(I'm not good at math ....)</p>

<p>I changed my major, and I.. honestly dont know what to do next....
mhm... Im going to take math 10ABC this year(my 2nd yr)...and econ 1and 3 also.
is there any book or ANYTHING useful for econ major????</p>

<p>Reading? Not so much.</p>

<p>Math? Yup. Econ is basically applied math--namely differential analysis.</p>

<p>If you don't like math, DON'T be an econ major.</p>

<p>but im thinking "marketing" or some kind of bussiness job for my future....
and i think econ is better than management science for me... since im not thatgood at math..</p>

<p>.......idk wat to dooooo..</p>

<p>It sucks that UCSD doesn't have a business admin major, I agree. But econ =/= business and I would not recommend potentially ruining your GPA to have a "prestigious" major. By all means, try it out, but if you're seriously struggling in those math classes figure something else out. And you can take undergrad business classes at Rady no matter what major you are.</p>

<p>thanks!! well i kinda decided to econ as my major... but not sure...
by the way, wat's Rady???</p>

<p>Google it for more info - it's UCSD's graduate business school.</p>

<p>You can get a Marketing job with any major -_-</p>

<p>Marketing internships are open to all majors and there's no direct coursework in UCSD (besides maybe 1-2 Rady Management classes) that have anything to do with Marketing--if ANYTHING, Communications would probably be best if you're dead set on getting into strategic marketing.</p>

<p>Work experience is the most important factor in any pre-business career--not prestige of major.</p>

<p>Why do you say Communications is best for marketing? From what I got, it's less of a "How to be a PR agent" thing and more of a "Understanding how humans communicate across cultures" thing.</p>

<p>I'm curious to read your reply.</p>

<p>Who said anything about being PR agent? Communications and Communication Theory is based on how information is disseminated through various mediums. I'm not a Comm major, but one of my friends who is going to NYU for her Master's in Comparative Analysis in Digital Media (housed in the Comm. Department) is basically doing research on digital/Internet marketing and how it's qualitatively different now compared to--let's say--3 years ago.</p>

<p>Some other prevalent topics in Communications (especially in the theory-driven institution that is UCSD) are Globalization and Impact, Cognition and Heuristical Learning, and Political Communication (basically the in's and end's of a lot of other Social Sciences, which is the reason you see a lot of inter-departmental collaboration amongst their faculty).</p>

<p>The best way to end up with a job in any field is knowing the theory and mechanisms as to how the world works, and learning it (usually through research and work experience) on how it can be applied to an industry or real-world problem/situation.</p>

<p>tnwks1023 switch to econ its alot better than comm</p>