UCSD Engineering Admissions

So I was wondering how hard it is to gain admittance into UCSD engineering if you are not a part of the engineering department when you start as a freshman

It is difficult according to my students. You have to meet the gpa requirement (which I think is 3.5, but I could be wrong) and then again it is an impacted program so space is an issue. Here is more information: http://mae.ucsd.edu/undergrad/ugadmissions

If you look at the ASEE college publications, you see that UCSD accepted 40 ME majors who were sophomores into that major. You don’t know if they were transfer students or students in undeclared status who wanted to major in ME. http://profiles.asee.org/profiles/6892/screen/20?school_name=University+of+California%2C+San+Diego

Thank you! This information is incredibly insightful!

Some of the larger number of sophomores than frosh are likely due to using class standing by credit units, so first year students coming in with large amounts of AP credit are counted as “sophomores”.