UCSD Engineering Major Change Process

Hello all,
I’ve been accepted as undeclared at UCSD, which makes me excited, yet stressed. After searching through CC for advice on how to transfer into an engineering major, I’ve only found references of the CS transfer “lottery.”

  1. Is there a similar system for engineering? What are the requirements? What is the likelihood of acceptance after reaching them?
  2. If I commit to UCSD and get my general ed out of the way, should I apply to transfer into another school rather than a major change?
    Sorry about these questions, if they’ve been answered please link me.
    Thank you!

You can find information of switching majors into engineering by looking up UCSD engineering majors. This will give you details that pertain to each specific major.

As to your second question, no. Either don’t commit to UCSD and do GEs at community college, or commit to UCSD and switch into engineering. That would be a big waste of money to just be at UCSD for GEs. It is also harder to transfer from one 4 year college to another. Honestly, you should be fine to just switch into the major.

More information regarding changing to Engineering at UCSD:


On this link you will get more details by selecting the specific engineering major: