UCSD ERC Freshman

<p>Hi everyone,
I just posted a thread about life and classes at UCSD, but now I want to know strictly about ERC. ERC was my fourth choice so I was surprised that I was accepted. I read on the UCSD website that you usually get your first or second choice of colleges. I went to admit day in April and I was overwhelmed at how hard ERC was especially MMW. Now that I have been doing more research I am starting to like the variety of GE courses they offer, however I am still nervous about MMW. Basically, I just wanted to know more about ERC like what GE courses are the most interesting or the easiest, and what teaches I should get and which ones I should stay away from. Also, what events does ERC have besides Rockin' Roosevelt, and is it true that ERC is more of a woman's college?</p>

<p>Thanks in advanced</p>

<p>*Please only answer if you are a current ERC student or ERC alum, also you don't have to give a full description about the MMW sequence</p>

<p>**Also, are there any ERC class of 2014 students out there?</p>

<p>I am ERC class of 14! I was surprised to get ERC too, I think it was third or fourth for me. I think I'll do okay in MMW, but I am worried about the language requirement. I took spanish in high school and all we ever did was watch Finding Nemo, so I am pretty unprepared to learn a second language.</p>

<p>Funny the exact same thing happened to me with the choices... so yeah I'll be going to ERC this year. ;)</p>

<p>@pisces8519 You should take the language placement test if you haven't already done so. You can even be placed in Spanish 1A/ax which is the basic class. I haven't taken my placement test yet. I took AP French this year, but I felt like even after four years I don't know as much as I should, and when I listen to native french speakers I can barely understand them.</p>

<p><a href="http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/university-california-san-diego/921105-anyone-who-has-ever-taken-mmw.html?highlight=friedlander%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/university-california-san-diego/921105-anyone-who-has-ever-taken-mmw.html?highlight=friedlander&lt;/a> - Good helpful thread about MMW</p>

<p>Also, MMW Blowout takes place in June every year. It's a super fun carnival</p>

<p>@ucsandiego915 Thanks, and what do they do at MMW Blowout? Also, I know this is a totally unrelated question, but in my other thread you said you were in a sorority, and I was wondering does UCSD have sorority houses? I heard that La Jolla has strict rules about housing, like 6 married woman living together is considered a brothel.</p>

<p>I'm going to miss MMW.</p>

<p>Anyone else? Your input is much appreciated.</p>

<p>Hi everyone,
I am about to pick out my classes, and I wanted some suggestions. I am for sure going to take MMW 1 and French 1C, but I have 2 other classes that I need to fill. I was thinking about taking intro to logic- is that an interesting/easy class? For my other class I was thinking Intro to Acting. I have acted in high school and was even the lead in one of our shows, but I have not acted in a year and I know UCSD has a great theatre program,so I don't want to get a bad grade. I am open to all suggestions and if you know any good teachers please let me know.</p>

<p>French 1C isn't offered fall quarter. You will need to rethink that</p>

<p>......and my best friend HATED intro to logic. She said it was way harder than she thought it would be.</p>

<p>Do you have to take non-western fine arts before you take western art?</p>

<p>I don't think it matters the order, I think all of the intro to acting classes are full though unless they open up another class. The only theatre class I could find that still had seats available was intro to theatre design.</p>

<p>Any suggestions as to what GE's I should take this quarter. All the ones I want seem to not be offered during fall quarter. I'm open to all suggestions. Also how can classes already be full? I know I can't offical register for classes until August 2. PS I'm not a science/math major.</p>

<p>You can take western and non-western art in any order.</p>

<p>Classes are already full because everyone else (seniors, juniors, sophomores) have already registered. The good news is, in freshman classes the system will automatically open up more seats for freshman registration. The bad news is, sometimes those extra seats are not enough and the freshmen have to waitlist. Upperclassmen (rather, those who have a high # of units) always get priority in registration.</p>


<p>I'm a non-science major as well and highly recommend that you take SIO15: Natural Disasters if you're looking for a chill and easy way to start your year/work towards finishing your GE requirements. The way the class works is that you basically don't have to go to lecture except for when Professor Laske gives "pop quizzes." It's a one question quiz that is supposedly random, but if you go up and ask her before class she'll tell you if one is going to happen that day (she's super chill plus her accent reminded me of the Governator). They're open note/computer, and for every question you get right, it's a full percentage point tacked onto your grade (there are 5 a quarter)! Midterm and Final were short MC tests that were taken with cheat sheets. The great thing about this is that if you want, you can skip all the classes except for the ones with the quizzes and ace the tests because of the fact that the questions are straight up objective and the answers will be in front of you on your sheet. HW is easy and requires merely answering the questions with the detailed lecture notes she provides on her website. What I really liked about this class was not only the fact that Professor Laske is super nice, but also because our last two HW assignments included going on a beachwalk at the Scripps Pier with her and going to the Scripps Aquarium for free! </p>

<p>PS I understand that this review might make me seem like a slacker, but when it comes to trying to finish GE's, I guarantee you'll find out quickly that you'll take an easy A in as many of them as you can so that you can allocate more time for your major classes! :)</p>

Thanks for the tip. Sadly I don't have to take science because of AP classes. Any other recommendations they don't have to be really easy just interesting or fun.</p>

<p>I have another question. I know MMW 1 is the easy writing class and MMW 2 and 3 are the hardest. I was wondering if you guys thought it would be better to take harder GE's my first quarter and then easier ones when I take MMW 2,3.</p>

<p>^That is a good idea. MMW 2 and 3 are both 6 unit courses so it wouldn't hurt to make everything else a little easier.</p>

<p>sorry for all these questions. but for ERC, if I'm a nonscience major and intro to logic sucked, whats a really easy math class to take for my GE?
I'm horrible at math :(
thanks for your help!</p>