UCSD Fall 2019 Transfer Thread

Also does anyone know the chances for transfers to get single room housing?

@sagaciousforever you just have to hope you get a good housing time. People who get a time slot in the first hour usually get singles but after that most likely not.

@Destined00 Thanks for that information!

How do I get a time slot?

@Destined00 How does the time slot work?

I want a single as well and the housing office told me that it’s like a lottery.

As long as im not in a triple im ok ?

Late to post

GPA: 3.91

Does anyone know how strictly they enforce the housing rules in The Village? I know this may sound a little outlandish, but I want to know if it would be possible at all for my dog to stay on campus with me for the weekends maybe once a month or so. I’ve taken him on vacations with me and he’s a very good boy. I’m hoping I get roommates that wouldn’t mind, plus he’s hypoallergenic so shedding and allergies aren’t an issue. I know it’s not likely, but I just wanted to know the probabilities. Thanks y’all !!

@sagaciousforever @Jenner99 yea pretty much once you submit your housing deposit you get assigned a random time for housing based on a lottery.

I got my packet! And it was in perfect condition. I love it

Okay but for the crown in the mail how does it work? lol like I don’t think this is big enough for my head

@AceIsMy_HikingPuppy i’m in the same boat. first thing ill be doing once i know which college i will be attending is looking for a place that will accept pets

@Emat1896 mentioned there is a Facebook group for 2019 transfers but we can’t find it. Does it exist? if so, what are the best words to use to search for it? Anyone know? Thanks.

@CAtransplant Just search UCSD Transfer 2019 and you’ll find a closed group.

@ishitak ah ok I found it - had to search specifically in Groups before it showed up for me, didn’t show under All. Thanks.

Does anyone know how to get into the TritonLike website? I’ve already accepted and made the deposit… Am I supposed to wait on an email or something?

Is anyone also not going to Triton day? I Live around 10 hour from San Diego. I’m assuming I can visit the campus anytime summer and also go to the regular orientation. Is Triton day worth going?


I’m not going either. However, I live in Temecula, but during transfer orientation I read that basically you will spend the whole day walking around campus and stuff.


Plus i’m taking summer courses there as well.

im not going to triton day since im going to cal day today this weekend and triton day is right before my finals week. They have other days to sign up for anyways


I too am wondering about this. I SIR’d last night and they said within two business days I will get log-in info for tritonlink