UCSD Fall 2019 Transfer Thread

I got a UC San Diego grant. I’m not local.

@selfconfidentgal hey I would really appreciate to hear from a student about UCR!

@ucdochopeful2k19 I PM’d you!

^ Same. From Palm Springs area

@Pastry12 Sorry for the late reply ? Congratulations to you as well!! Timing seems really bad for UCs this year… UCLA representatives are also coming to norcal on the exact day/time as Berkeley’s transfer day :confused:

I’ll be at Berkeley that day too haha. I heard they separate students by major/department (although this could be outdated info) so maybe we’ll run into each other! Either way I hope you enjoy your visit here!

Looks like the Triton Checklist sight is having some tech problems. I called the IT Helpdesk and they confirmed there was a system outage. Has anyone been able to view to Triton Checklist website?

Triton Day is on May 11th and I just got an email saying that there will be free transportation from southern California to UCSD! I live in LA so that’s quite convenient that I don’t have to go to UCSD by myself on Triton Day.

I might considering going to Triton Day!

Also does anyone know the chances for transfers to get single room housing?

@sagaciousforever you just have to hope you get a good housing time. People who get a time slot in the first hour usually get singles but after that most likely not.

@Destined00 Thanks for that information!

How do I get a time slot?

@Destined00 How does the time slot work?

I want a single as well and the housing office told me that it’s like a lottery.

As long as im not in a triple im ok ?

Late to post

GPA: 3.91

Does anyone know how strictly they enforce the housing rules in The Village? I know this may sound a little outlandish, but I want to know if it would be possible at all for my dog to stay on campus with me for the weekends maybe once a month or so. I’ve taken him on vacations with me and he’s a very good boy. I’m hoping I get roommates that wouldn’t mind, plus he’s hypoallergenic so shedding and allergies aren’t an issue. I know it’s not likely, but I just wanted to know the probabilities. Thanks y’all !!

@sagaciousforever @Jenner99 yea pretty much once you submit your housing deposit you get assigned a random time for housing based on a lottery.

I got my packet! And it was in perfect condition. I love it

Okay but for the crown in the mail how does it work? lol like I don’t think this is big enough for my head

@AceIsMy_HikingPuppy i’m in the same boat. first thing ill be doing once i know which college i will be attending is looking for a place that will accept pets

@Emat1896 mentioned there is a Facebook group for 2019 transfers but we can’t find it. Does it exist? if so, what are the best words to use to search for it? Anyone know? Thanks.

@CAtransplant Just search UCSD Transfer 2019 and you’ll find a closed group.