UCSD Fall 2019 Transfer Thread

bad news. just called the scholarship office and the guy say they don’t have enough funding this year for transfer regent scholarships :frowning:

@anthro101 wow. They still should have handed them out even if they only gave you the benefits and no money.

anyone a bit confused as to how to get your summer classes under way? I accepted, paid, and created my triton link checklist… only to find out you can’t do anything on the check list for quite some time by the looks of things. Can’t send in transcripts yet, can’t confirm prereqs from them, can’t complete the ‘alcohol awareness’ survey or what ever it is until available in 1-2 months… (takes sip of beer)? …can’t complete the “we are tritons program” since it isn’t available yet… and everything else is irrelevant to enrolling in classes. This school wants proactive “go getters”…well scooby wants to go get… yet there’s nothing for scooby to get?

@Scoobybrew I am also a bit confused at this point. UCSD accepted me and I did not complete all the prereqs (the second english class). Maybe UCSD is more lenient on me since I am transferring from a 4-year university instead of a CC?

I sent an email to admissionsreply@ucsd.edu asking about missing prereqs yesterday and have not gotten any response yet.

I just want to make sure if UCSD allows me to take any missing prereqs at UCSD in Fall 2019. The contract states that I have to complete all prereqs by Spring 2019 but my Spring 2019 is over.

Also, UCSD knew that I was missing prereqs and I could not get it/them done by Spring 2019 before they offered me for an acceptance letter.

@sagaciousforever I have heard from my colleges transfer counselors that if it’s 1 class and not a mandatory pre req It probably wouldn’t affect my admission. I didn’t want to chance it and took an accelerated course over christmas break to fit everything in. However since you are already accepted, maybe that means it’s okay to take it over Summer. BUT DON’T QUOTE ME ON THAT.

@Scoobybrew It’s okay to take it/them in summer for sure. Otherwise, they would have rejected me in the first place. They knew I could not complete it/them by Spring 2019 but still offered me admission.

The problem is I am not even sure if there are other prereqs that I am missing other than the second english class. Also, I am not sure if I can take it/them at UCSD in Fall 2019. I don’t want to take it/them during the summer because I have many other plans.

@sagaciousforever ohhh, gotcha. In that case it sounds like you know far better than I. Just for the record, 1 summer session is only 4-5 weeks, instead of the semester style 6-8 weeks. It’s a sprint but it efficient IMO. Have you done IGETC? cuz if all you are missing is the 2nd English for IGETC, then you should be good I think.

@Scoobybrew I am not very familar with IGETC, as I applied from a 4-year university (Pepperdine).

I am missing the second english composition class for sure. Another problem is that I took Business Calculus, which I am not sure could count for Calculus 1 and Calculus 2 (probably just Calculus 1). I got in for International Studies- International Business major.

I completed all other major prereqs such as Microeconomics and Macroeconomics.

UCSD didn’t inform me about the exact class or classes that I am missing so that’s concerning.

@sagaciousforever I might be able to give some slight insight and if not opinions if you need. I originally went to a 4 year university for Economics years ago, then decided I liked building things more. I’d probably bet that Business calc will count for at best Calc 1 for stem (If you are trying to transfer to engineering or something). Not knocking business calc, just my CC required less for business Cal1 than the Stem Calc 1. If you aren’t transferring into stem, I don’t know enough to say that you would need stem level calc. IGETC is just the general list of classes to be pretty much fully set for junior and senior year (with a class here and there). So 2 english classes, several math (i’m not sure how many, Engineering pre reqs went far beyond so I just don’t know how many), then a couple humanities, some business (which is good for your case), some lab science classes, and I think some 2nd language classes.


I can assure you business calculus will not cover calculus 1. For most community colleges they have calculus series then they have business calculus. The only pre-req for business calculus is college algebra.


You will have to take calculus 1-3 at UCSD.

@futurebruin205 Thanks for responding.

What about the second english class? So you are saying that it is okay to take missing prereqs at UCSD in Fall 2019 (if I decide to attend)?

@Scoobybrew Thank you so much for your insight. I got into International Business major. I see now that the best that Business Calculus could count for is Calculus 1. I am just worried and confused if I have to complete all missing prereqs in the summer, or I could take them at UCSD.


If you go to google and search “pepperdine articulation agreement”, hit any community colleges articulation agreement and if pepperdine articulates with that class, then you can pretty much more or less assume it articulates with UCSD classes as well. I checked three community colleges articulation for your sake and none of them had an equivalent for the sophomore english class you are looking for.

@futurebruin205 Thanks for checking!

Yes, Pepperdine does not offer the second english class that is transferable to the UCs.

Since UCSD accepted me, they knew that I missed prereqs and could not complete them by Spring 2019. That’s why I am asking if I can automatically assumed that I could complete the missing classes at UCSD (if I choose to attend there). I have a lot of other things to do in the summer.

I emailed admissionsreply@ucsd.edu yesterday and have not gotten any response yet.

I believe it says it takes 3-5 days to respond.

@Ohm888 Thanks for answering.

Are you referring to the following email address?


I did not get any automatic email response.

Am I the only one that does not have a financial aid estimate on file?

@anthro101 That sucks.

@Destined00 I agree, they still should have awarded some with the benefits, even if they couldn’t give you the usual full award amount.

@ElSalvador19 Did you fill out the FAFSA and send it to UCSD?

That’s really unfortunate that they can’t award Regents to transfers this year…

Did any non-local SD students receive any other scholarships/grants besides the pell/Cal grant? I’m wondering if UCSD is awarding other need based scholarships/grants like UCB’s “Berkley Transfer Scholarship” or UCLA’s “University Grant”