UCSD Fall 2021 Transfer Thread


CCC Transfer

Major - Computer Science
GPA - 3.85 after Fall 2020 (updated thru TAU)
IGETC - completed
Prereqs - will be done after Winter 2020

I’m really anxious seeing how competitive people are. I also applied to UCLA, UCI, and UCSB for comp. sci

Hi everyone! I applied to UCSD from out-of-state community college (I’m also an international student)

Major: Political Science
graduated from community college in upstate NY Fall 2020
GPA: 3.98 (I took a lot of honors classes too)
Prereqs: completed
I’d say my PIQ’s were very strong.

EC’s: Vice President in Student Government, Senior Student Ambassador, service-learning volunteering, internship at a law firm during gap year after high school, student representative for the college, and also a member of the honor society

I’m nervous tho bc I’m an out-of-state applicant and I know UC’s accept 90% California students… what do you think are my chances?

I think you have a chance, but since you are OOS it’s hard to say. If you were in a California community college I would say you would have definitely gotten admitted. I guess we just have to wait until april 23rd to find out.

Hey everyone, I decided to create this topic because I haven’t seen one made for UC San Diego yet. As decisions roll out in a few weeks for transfers it’ll be nice to see how everyone does, compare stats, or ask any questions about UC San Diego.

Here are my stats to start off:

Major: Mathematics - Probability and Statistics
GPA: 3.9
Pre-Reqs: All done
Degrees: Will have some associate degrees in Computer Science, Mathematics, and 2 others after completing this spring semester.
Work: Part-time at a Car Wash, non-major related

Applied: UCSD, UCSB, UCD, UCI, UCLA, UCB, Cal Poly Pomona, Cal Poly Slo, SDSU
Accepted: Cal Poly Pomona
Waitlists: SDSU, Cal Poly Slo

Good luck to everyone and I hope this thread helps.

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Hi! I think there is already a thread for this :blush:


Thank you, don’t know why I couldn’t find this before


No problem!

Hey! Is there any way that we can update/provide our winter quarter grades to the UCs?

TAU is closed, but you can write their admissions office.

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Yeah yeah I know about TAU for fall. But I just received my grades for the winter quarter and was wondering if we could update that too.

Hi there transfer gang!! Hope all is well. I applied to like 8 UCs last year but only got into 1 lolll, UCLA is my DREAM!!! So I decided to give it a 2nd try :smiley:


Intended major: Economics B.A
HS GPA : 4.1w/3.7uw
Overall CC GPA: 3.82 (around 63uns)
Major GPA: 4.0
Gender: Female
HS Graduation year : June 2020
AP Exams:

  1. AP Chinese Lang and Culture: 5
  2. AP Computer Science A: 4
  3. Calculus B.C.: 4
  4. AP U.S. History: 3
  5. AP Physics1: 3
  6. AP English Lang and Comp: 3
  7. AP U.S. Gov: 3
  8. AP Macro Econ: 3


  • 2020 AP Scholar
  • California Scholarship Foundation (CSF) Life-long Scholar
  • Academic achievement award of HS class of 2020
  • Member of PTK Honor Society
  • PTK-ALL USA Academic team nominee (1 of the 2 students nominated from my college)
  • PTK-ALL STATE Academic team 2021 winner (1 of the 105 students nominated from all CC students in CA)
  • President of Speech and Debate club
  • Founder/Webdesigner/supervisor of Lumio Online Volunteer Teaching platform
  • A bunch of volunteer service/personal hobbies

Job/Work Experience:

Job title:

  • WEL-JVG Club Coordinator/Office Assistant


  • Regulating all clubs established under WEL-Jvg center
  • Design the club websites
  • Host club activities
  • Write weekly reports for the overall club participation
  • Mentor for club participants

Personal Statement:

  • PIQs answered: #1,#5,#8
  • I have revised my PIQs for about twenty times and had over ten peoples looked at them… so hopefully they are okay…

Applied for Financial Aid?: Yes

State (if domestic applicant): In-State
School Type: Fullerton College (CC)
Income Bracket: Middle class

Strengths: Have a lot of ECs and awards, second time applying to UC, more experienced.


  • I think my gpa for my major is too low, (for econ gpa range is 3.83-4.0) it is tooooo competitive. Since I am a one-year transfer most of my transfer Units come from the APs I took in HS (about 32 units), and due to the short time period I have until transfer, I really don’t have time to take many class to build up my GPA. In fact, I only have one B on my transcript but the total classes I took are not enough to sort of average it out ughhhh.

  • I didn’t get TAP certified because I literally don’t have enough time to complete the honor’s program.

  • Also due to the pandemic I don’t really have any cc college experience to talk about…

  • I head that we have double the amount of transfer applicants this year compared to last year so… fingers crossed

Schools Applied: UCLA,UCB,UCSD,UCI(TAG)

BEST OF LUCK for everyone!!! Last year was really a mess and we tried our best to survive, now we are almost there, we deserve what we put in! No matter what the outcome is, I am so proud of ALL OF YOU!!

you’re the type of people that give me trust issues in not being good enough…damn that is amazing GOOD FOR YOU! Wish you the best you deserve it

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awww thanks!!! That means a lot, wish you best of luck aw!!!

Does anyone know when ucsd releases the result?

my guess is between the 21st and the 25th

Spain w/o the S


Haha my guess is its going to be the 23rd or 24th in that case

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Does anyone know why this thread is so unpopular compared to other UC transfer thread? (irvine, davis, berkeley, LA)

I was just wondering about that today lol