UCSD Fall 2021 Transfer Thread

Thread for UCSD 2021 Transfer


@collegefresh7364 thanks for making this!

Should we comment our stats and majors?

Bio major
GPA 3.6
Prereq: all done besides ochem series
IGETC complete
Personal Insight Questions is pretty well written if I’m being honest
How is it looking guys? Do you guys think I have a chance on getting accepted??

Do you guys think UCSD will receive a lot of applications due to people dropping/taking semester off because of COVID?

Do you guys think essays play a large role in acceptance?

For sure

hey @yessirrrr, I am also a bio major except I am applying as anthropology w biological emphasis to ucsd. bc of covid my college doesn’t offer ochem anymore! your grades r the same as mine so fingers crossed!

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@collegefresh7364 hi, i would say college essays are def the most important thing on ur application. its usually ur essays that determine whether or not u get accepted. ofc they are going to look at everything else but I strongly encourage u to have tons of people review and read ur essays to make sure they are awesome!

Hi everyone! I applied to UCSD as a transfer from a CSU.

Major: Political Science
GPA (Major): 4.0 (Overall): 4.0
IGETC: not completed yet but will be by this semester
Personal Insight Questions 7-8/10

I’m nervous because it’s very difficult to compare classes from the UCs to CSUs. So, in order to fulfil the pre-major transfer requirements, I’ve been taking classes as close to the ones the UCs want transfers to complete.

Good luck to everyone though!

I applied to UCSD for fall 2021, so I will post my stats here

School: Penn State

Major: Economics

Credits: 60+ by end of year

GPA: 3.72

HS GPA: 3.5

Recommendations: none

Pre-reqs: Missing one math class

EC’s: Hedge fund internship, engineering internship, Charity work, 2 sport varsity athlete in HS, business owner

Extra: Minority, not applying for student financial aid

I think I have a good shot to get admitted, but I heard the econ program is harder

School: Diablo valley College
Major: Cognitive Science
GPA: 3.2
Prereq: 4 out of 7 will be done by the end of spring 2021
IGETC: Incomplete. 7 Course pattern finished.

CCC Transfer
Major: Political Science - Data Analytics
GPA: 3.53
Prereqs all completed
IGETC completed

CCC Transfer
Major: Environmental Science
Alternate: Anthropology with an emphasis in human solutions and climate change
GPA: 4.0
Prereqs: Mostly completed
IGETC completed

CCC transfer
Major - Sociology
GPA - 3.76 after TAU
IGETC - Completed after Spring term
Prereqs - Completed

I just wanna say this wait is agonizing. I heard freshman applicants are going to hear back from ucsd later today. And we hear back on april 23rd…

Hi, I am waiting for admissions decisions for fall 2021. I am taking some elective courses this semester but I’m thinking of dropping a course with a W. Will this affect my admissions decisions?

I think it would depend if: 1) the class is needed for your major, 2) will you be able to hit 60 unit mark without that class?

If neither are the case you should be fine with dropping the course.

When do admission decisions come out? I was told in the month of April but not a specific date, thanks!

I am going to estimate April 23rd from past threads. It usually comes out the same day or around the same time as ucla.

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