UCSD Fall 2021 Transfer Thread

Thread for UCSD 2021 Transfer

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@collegefresh7364 thanks for making this!

Should we comment our stats and majors?

Bio major
GPA 3.6
Prereq: all done besides ochem series
IGETC complete
Personal Insight Questions is pretty well written if I’m being honest
How is it looking guys? Do you guys think I have a chance on getting accepted??

Do you guys think UCSD will receive a lot of applications due to people dropping/taking semester off because of COVID?

Do you guys think essays play a large role in acceptance?

For sure

hey @yessirrrr, I am also a bio major except I am applying as anthropology w biological emphasis to ucsd. bc of covid my college doesn’t offer ochem anymore! your grades r the same as mine so fingers crossed!

@collegefresh7364 hi, i would say college essays are def the most important thing on ur application. its usually ur essays that determine whether or not u get accepted. ofc they are going to look at everything else but I strongly encourage u to have tons of people review and read ur essays to make sure they are awesome!

Hi everyone! I applied to UCSD as a transfer from a CSU.

Major: Political Science
GPA (Major): 4.0 (Overall): 4.0
IGETC: not completed yet but will be by this semester
Personal Insight Questions 7-8/10

I’m nervous because it’s very difficult to compare classes from the UCs to CSUs. So, in order to fulfil the pre-major transfer requirements, I’ve been taking classes as close to the ones the UCs want transfers to complete.

Good luck to everyone though!

I applied to UCSD for fall 2021, so I will post my stats here

School: Penn State

Major: Economics

Credits: 60+ by end of year

GPA: 3.72

HS GPA: 3.5

Recommendations: none

Pre-reqs: Missing one math class

EC’s: Hedge fund internship, engineering internship, Charity work, 2 sport varsity athlete in HS, business owner

Extra: Minority, not applying for student financial aid

I think I have a good shot to get admitted, but I heard the econ program is harder

School: Diablo valley College
Major: Cognitive Science
GPA: 3.2
Prereq: 4 out of 7 will be done by the end of spring 2021
IGETC: Incomplete. 7 Course pattern finished.

CCC Transfer
Major: Political Science - Data Analytics
GPA: 3.53
Prereqs all completed
IGETC completed

CCC Transfer
Major: Environmental Science
Alternate: Anthropology with an emphasis in human solutions and climate change
GPA: 4.0
Prereqs: Mostly completed
IGETC completed

CCC transfer
Major - Sociology
GPA - 3.76 after TAU
IGETC - Completed after Spring term
Prereqs - Completed