UCSD Fall 2021 Transfer Thread

Waitlisted :frowning:
major: Chemical Engineering
GPA: 3.63
All pre-reqs finished.
essays: Good Essays
ec: From owning a small business, to community service, tutoring, etc

accepted: UCB (nuclear), Cal Poly SLO/Pomona (AeroE), CSULB (AeroE), CSUN (EE),
Waitlisted: SDSU(AeroE), UCSD (ChemE), UCI (AeroE)
Rejected: UCLA(AeroE), UCD(AeroE)

So I currently SIR’d to SLO but for location purposes, I would rather do UCSD. Do I have a good chance of coming off of the waitlist? I am also looking into medical school and I heard UC’s are much better than cal states for that.

All I’ll say is that there’s a math professor named Terence Tao at UCLA with a 230 IQ

where is our conditions of admissions form, do we have to keep all Cs?

It is under the forms section on your portal

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what is the Marshall College known for? what’s the tea on it

is there a discord server for ucsd 2021 transfers yet?

Theres been one for a lil while lol.

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Congrats! I got waitlisted to both slo and UCSD! Just out of curiosity, you also brought up slo earlier. Which school are you choosing?

I actually just declined today for SLO as its the last day to accept so hopefully you get my Software Engineering spot! I decided to commit to UCSD as I only have to do 3k out of pocket per year with the amount of aid I’m getting. Also might pursue grad school so a UC school will fit me best. Cal Poly SLO was going to be 17k out of pocket for me each year.

Best of luck with the waitlists!


are you committed to UCSD?

not yet, i’m choosing between ucsc and ucsd but i’m also on the waitlist for cal. i think i’m gonna commit to ucsd and wait for cal waitlist decisions

Hey guys! Just letting you guys know that there is a UCSD transfer page for us, @ucsdtransfers2023

Late to the party. But I was accepted! Sixth college.

Major: Cognitive Science BS

GPA: 4.0

No honors classes taken.

ECs: Work, small business owner, short internship, sport

Accepted at UCI, UCLA, UCSB, UCSD

I am not totally sure yet, but I think I am going to UCLA. Hope someone gets off the waitlist!!

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Good news for me. My major is cogsci and I got waitlisted LOL

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congratulations, did you get an email or checked on the portal?

I’m on the waitlist. I checked the portal on 4/30 around 4pm and they sent an email an hour later

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I realized i should probably be more wordy for those who are applying for next fall and are looking for some hope. I was accepted as a PoliSci International Relations major in Warren College.

GPA: 3.0
IGETC: complete after this semester
Local: yes!
EC: No but I work part time
Personal insight essay questions: Very good, in my opinion. I think this is what got me in despite my low gpa and lack of extracurricular activities. I only had my mom proofread and she really liked them!

I wrote about my depression, daydreaming affecting my life, creative stories i used to write to cope with being bullied in school, my sibling dynamic and how that helped me become a leader in life, and why I took multiple gaps in my education & why my gpa doesn’t define me and how I will improve myself going forward. I think if you have a lower gpa, being honest about why you have it, why it doesn’t define you, and what you can bring to the table will up your chances. I moved around a lot so i have 2 other (besides the one i attend now) CC’s I went to and i had 3 classes I had to retake because I got D’s in those classes, lots of C’s on my transcript but my grades started to raise once i moved back to California and I spoke about that.

I was also accepted to SDSU. I hope this helps anyone who is reading this thread in hopes of getting in! I didn’t have faith in myself in being accepted so i’m over the moon I was! Everyone who applied/plans to apply should feel proud of themselves regardless


Little late but accepted
Major: Urban Studies and Planning
GPA: 3.81
Major prep: done in fall 2020
IGETC & 60 transferable units will be completed this semester
NorCal CCC in the bay area, International Student
Accepted: ALL!!!
P.S. I paid the SIR for Cal already!!