UCSD Fall 2022 Transfer

Haven’t seen one of these so here goes.
less than a month til results and im so scared : (
applied to Humboldt, UCSC, UCSD, UCI
Major: Psychology (clinical focus)
Gpa: 3.74
Extracurriculars: off-campus job, psych TA, some past internships not relevant to psych (unfortunately my university doesn’t have much endowment in the area + I had to work, which I mentioned in my essays)
Job experience: worked 25-35 hrs a week
Fasfa/income bracket: 0 EFC, PELL recipient
State/Country: CA resident, though attending an OOS private
Any extra strengths or any important weaknesses?: Began college at 14, I’m currently 16. Raised by a single mother, CA resident, first gen immigrant
TAG: no, but IGETC completed (I think??), and prereqs for psych
super nervous as im not a calcc transfer

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Major: psychology, adt
GPA: 3.94
Work: 40+ hours a week as assistant manager for past 2 years
Volunteer: Animal shelter/cat fostering
Credits: around 70
I have all my prerequisites done and am a California resident. Just got rejected from SDSU, seems like it’s gonna be a tough year for transfers and psyc majors so I’m very nervous.
I also applied to UCI and UCLA. I have gotten into CSUSM, CSULB, Cal Poly Pamona, and UCR so far. Good luck everyone!

Major: Cogsci
Gpa: 3.5
Extracurriculars: part time job in retail/food
Job experience :25 hours/week
School: california community college
Schools applied to: CSUF (accepted), SDSU (waitlist), CPSLO (rejected), UCR (accepted), UCI, UCSD, UCLA, UCB, UCD, UCSB (TAG)
Major prep: Completed for ucsd, and uci

looks like you’re in the 25-30th percentile of competitive applicants, cogsci is awesome good luck :smile:

yup, I also got waitlisted last year to ucsd as a transfer so i’m feeling pretty confident about my application for fall 2022

Has anyone called the admissions office to ask when decisions should be out?

nah but im betting 29 april

Is there a discord server for 2022 yet?

don’t think so

ok, i just created one if people want to join: ucsd fall 2022 transfers

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Major: Comp Sci
GPA: 3.91
IGETC status: Completed
Major prep: Completed(Besides CSE 15L and 21)
Extracurriculars: Student-Athletes
Job experience: Work-study
School: SDCC
Accepted: Cal Poly Pomona, SDSU(ADT), SJSU, UCR(TAG),UCSC
Rejected: Cal Poly SLO

Has anyone called the admissions to ask when transfer decisions will be out?

Does anyone think decisions will be released tomorrow?


It’s possible. I give it 30/70 for today or the 29th

Does UCSD always release on a Friday?


do we know what time it is coming out at tomorrow?

probs around 4pm cos thats what it was last year

is there a portal myth for UCSD we should look out for tonight(for those on the west coast) or tomorrow?

i’m pretty sure there’s a glitch that somebody mentioned on discord. i can try and find it