UCSD fall 2023 transfers!

Hi guys! I haven’t seen a UCSD thread for this year’s admissions cycle for the co 2025 transfers, so I decided to make one!

My name is Nika and I am a visual arts major from a community college here in San Diego! I am applying for studio or art history I believe.

Please feel free to introduce yourself/ stats below!

I made a discord server for the UCSD co 2025 transfers:

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Do you mean fall 2022…which is NOW? Or 2023?

I was uncertain on how I was supposed to phrase it… I meant this year’s cycle applying for transfer for next year.filling out the app in fall 2022 for fall 2023. Should I change the title?

Changed title and moved to proper discussion forum - UC transfers


UC Application tweeted that UCSD extended their transfer application deadline until Jan 6.

Major: Psychology
GPA: 3.8
Extracurriculars: President of LEO Club, participating in dance program at my CC, volunteered as a TA for a summer enrichment/extended school year program for regular curriculum/special ed elementary students, work 20 hours a week during the school year and summer, had a job in math tutoring then a barista job
IGETC status: Will be completed by Spring 2023

Gender: Female
In-state/OOS/International?: In-state (not local tho, from the Bay Area)
School Type: CCC (California Community College)
Income Bracket: Middle Class
Other (Strengths, weaknesses, hooks, etc.): I got one W on my transcript as I dropped a class during Fall 2022, also got Ds during highschool but my overall highschool GPA was >3.5, also trying to do a 1-year CC transfer! I completed a lot of credits in HS through dual enrollment, AP classes, and taking CC classes during the summer so I have a big head start on transfering :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:
Where else did you apply/TAG?: UC Irvine (TAG), UC Santa Barbara, UC Riverside, UC Davis, and UCLA