UCSD final decisions today?!

<p>ucsd's site says decisions will be made between mid march and april 30th... well today is april 30th, so will all the decisions be posted?</p>

<p>No, today is only the 29th isn't it? Anyhow, I've heard that they've released admissions on Saturdays.</p>

<p>oops, i'm retarded. Well i'd assume they'd do it today since the 30th is a sunday ...</p>

<p>So you can go back to sleep now, lol. You're not from the east coast are you?</p>

<p>nope... i'm a night owl.</p>

<p>nothing yet</p>

<p>I'm doing Linear Algebra at 2 in the morning. :)</p>

<p>done with linear algebra....should be studying for Diff Eq test next week...but writing paper on superconduction :(</p>

<p>Hey, remember the guy with the TI-89 thread? I thought it was funny that he/she wanted to check the answer using the calculator, lol. And there was this one other thread, some one wanted to use a laptop to take notes during math lectures, lol.</p>

<p>Check back at noon.</p>

<p>i just checked and i got in. FINALLY.
i'm declining, SD is not even my second choice.
good luck you guys.......</p>

<p>I got in! Eleanor Roosevelt! Too bad I already sent my SIR to UCLA. WOOHOO! Im kinda happy. I was accepted to all the colleges I applied to with nothing but a 2.9GPA! WOOHOOHOOO!!! UCSB, UCR, UCLA, UCSD, and Cal Poly Pomona! I thought I was only going to get into UCSB because of that TAA thing.</p>

<p>whats up with you jebus? lol what exactly did u put in ur essay man..lol...whats your secret?</p>

<p>2.9: Straight win! Man, a 2.9 GPA is outstanding! You got a 3.9 right? What is your secret? I'm curious, please please share your status for future reference!</p>

<p>I'm in!</p>

<p>So when I was filling out my application I put Revelle as my first choice even though I am an English major because I like science. I didn't realize at the time what the requirements were. </p>

<p>Do I really have to take 3 quarters of Calculus? I got a C- in College Algebra and Trig 3 years ago to fulfull my math requirement and I haven't even thought about math since.</p>

<p>Jebus gives me hope. I believe in Jebus :D</p>

<p>*** nothing yet...I guess they are dumping us engineering majors</p>

<p>Yeah, I got accepted.</p>

<p>College: Sixth
Major: Microbiology
GPA: 3.0</p>

<p>WTH.....nothing for me either, engineering major here too...</p>

<p>haha yea knicks I guess we are screwed....u get in UCLA yet?</p>