UCSD+High Gpa or UCLA+average GPA for CS

<p>Hi! For a CS major is it better to go to UCSD and maintain a very high gpa or go to UCLA and maintain an average gpa? (this is for undergraduate; I also love both school's environments! [: )
Much appreciated!</p>

<p>I think UCLA and UCSD have comparable computer science programs, both in terms of academic reputation and levels of rigor. I was admitted to both when I applied as an undergrad and I chose SD over LA. That year, SD’s graduate engineering school was actually ranked above LA’s, and the fact that SD was a much younger school gave me the impression (rightly or wrongly) that SD was the more cutting edge, up-and-coming school. I also didn’t want to deal with the LA traffic.</p>

<p>In the industry, I don’t think anyone really distinguishes between the two. My company has tons of engineers from both schools.</p>