<p>Anyone know anything about this major? Seems interesting but don't really know if it'll be useful. Seems like the major was made for me though. </p>

<p>Thanks in advance!</p>

@blindsamurai, I came across your post when I was searching for UCSD ICAM major. Interesting and seems like a good fit for my kid. Did you end up going therre? If so, what is your experience and any insight about the job prospects is very much appreciated.

@tugogi, my son is interested in music technology and music production and has applied to this major at UCSD, along with similar programs at other colleges. Some require a portfolio submission or audition or interview or a combination. As for job prospects, you may want to check out Stevens Institute of Technology’s website for Bachelor’s in Music and Technology where they post a video of where their students had jobs and internships. UT Austin has an Arts & Entertainment Technologies major (B.S.) that you may want to check out too. He also saw a video (not sure if it’s on the school website or on Youtube) about student experiences in the UT Austin program. UIUC and CMU also have CS+Music combo major, which seem to be more rigorous as they are essentially double majors with students needing to satisfy requirements from both Music School and CS Dept. He has been accepted by both UT Austin and UIUC (out-of-state) and waiting to hear back from UCSD (in-state), Stevens, CMU and Northeastern (which also has a combined CS + Music with concentration in Music Technology major). For the CS+Music majors, some are hosted by the Music School while others are hosted by the CS Dept. In almost all cases, the applicant is evaluated by both General Admissions (for CS/technical aptitude) and Music School (talent component) so it’s never too early to think about a portfolio that can showcase both.

Other programs he had looked into but did not apply include Temple’s B.S. in Music Technology, CU Boulder’s Music Technology program and Geogia Tech’s B.S. in Music Technology. I think this is an emerging field and more colleges are coming up with programs that cater to industry demand, so there are probably more out there than what’s mentioned above.

Thank you for the detailed info. It is helpful. I have come across UIUC and CMU programs. In your opinion are they more rigorous than the UCSD program?

USC and Columbia college in Chicago offer a degree in electronic music, but they seem to be more like audio engineering type. Does not involve any CS part.

@edragonfly, University of Michigan offers too, but it falls more into audio engineering than CS+music combo. ANy other programs your son applied to? Is it alright to PM you around April/May to find out more about where your son is heading and to learn more about your experience through the journey?

@tugogi, I’ll be happy to share our experience with you come April/May!

Honestly we don’t know too much about the UCSD program. It does seem to emphasize the arts component more and that the CS part is fluid/flexible and more in support of delivering the arts content. Since his first choice has always been the UIUC CS + Music program, we know a bit more about that one. My understanding is that for all CS + X programs at UIUC, the kids take the same CS core and required classes as regular CS students including weed-out classes. Nobody would know you are a CS + X student unless you tell others. Many view them as essentially double majors with the intersection centered around the student’s specialty interest that can be the senior project. These UIUC students are confident that they would be evaluated the same as other pure CS students at job interviews, so I would agree that the program is more rigorous than some of the others, especially with UIUC’s CS reputation. I also like that the program is small, each CS + X program only has 15 students, so it makes for a more intimate community in such a large school. As for CMU, it is probably a reach school for him, so we haven’t invested as much time researching the BXA program, but he did apply regular decision, so we are in waiting mode.

@edragonfly, thank you. This helps. Even though I have heard about the UIUC Cs+X program, did not know about the program in detail until you pointed out the differences for us. UCSD is in-state for us. One thing we are considering is the weather difference…not sure how the kid can take the UIUC’s midwest weather.

Same here–I am concerned about the weather too since we are in Northern California Bay Area. I am hoping for some UC acceptances and that he will end up in one of the UC’s. He is also open to minoring in Music Studies if he gets accepted into a good CS program.

@edragonfly, OMG, so is my kid. Considering math and performance, performance and CS. We still have time until this fall, my kid wants to keep music as part of his college education and unfortunately, most of the best colleges that are both strong musically and academically are in cold areas.

Well, all the best, I do wish that your kid gets into the program he wants. I know how insanely extreme the competition is, in the Bay area.