UCSD Impacted Biology Major Difficulty *HELP*

<p>Hi i was admitted to UCSD for the winter 2010 quarter as a freshman.
However this year Biology was considered an "IMPACTED" major and i did not get accepted into the major, so instead i was admitted as undeclared. I would realiy like to go to UCSD but if i can't study biology i may want to go somewhere else. I know that it is still possible to major in biology if all the lower division requirments are finished i can apply and depending on how many drop out of biology they fill in the spaces by ranking gpa. </p>

<p>I was wondering how difficult it would be to get in this way. I mean do alot people get into an IMPACTED major this way or should i just forget about UCSD and go somewhere else?? Please help!! thanks</p>

<p>I don't think anyone would know much about that, since that policy just went into effect this year. If you are planning on going premed, just major in something else...like cog sci, but take all the prereqs. No one is stopping you from taking those.</p>

<p>Yea i know this has never happened before with biology. But i was wondering if any one else was able to get into an impacted major at one of the uc's through this process? And how common it was</p>

<p>Im in the same exact situation, ucsd winter 2010 with undecleared major because bio was impacted.
I also want to go somewhere else if its not likely i can get into bio, im looking to go premed.
Also this just adds another inconvience to an already inconvenient winter admission housing ordeal.</p>

<p>Well i called the biology department and they said that if you get good grades in the lower division requirements, then switch shouldn't be too hard, but NO guarantee. If you do bad in them then switching could be hard.</p>

<p>Lets just hope that a lot of people switch out of biology in the next 2 yrs!</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>hahaha ya but what happens if you dont to good enough?
Then your just stuck with no direction to go?</p>

<p>Think about it this way. If you don't have a good gpa you'll never become a doctor anyways and it doesn't really matter what major you're in to become a doctor as long as your gpa is high, you've taken the right courses, and you do well on your MCAT. So just enter as a chem or physics major, get a high gpa, and transfer into bio. Or just take the right classes to get you into med school.</p>

<p>hehe, what lebronanthony said!
assuming you want to do biology for pre-med, you have to take the same pre-reqs no matter what, and usually what you learn in those classes will be enough for you to do well on the mcats.
there are other majors similar to biology, such as cognitive science, or even biochemistry/chemistry. biochemistry/biology is in the bio dept, but not biochem/chem. hope you like chem though.</p>

<p>how good do you think ucr is in premed as bio or biochem?</p>

<p>does prestige actually matter that much whether doing your UNDERGRAD at ucsd or ucr? or med school is what actually matters?</p>

<p>"prestige" is a fickle thing. i once looked at the alma maters of the 1st-year class of my ivy league's med program, and it was probably 80% other ivy leagues. of course, they admit people from the occasional state school to balance out the roster, but i think there's still a fair amount of snobbery going on.</p>

<p>it's probably not as bad in the UCs, though. being a californian resident is an awesome thing.</p>

<p>I have two friends that got in shortly after their frosh year. Granted, they passed out of the chem 6 seres, but they did not do too well in the honors series. They claim that it wasn't too hard getting in and guessed that their grades in honors chem did not significantly affect their getting into a bio major since they already had the AP credit for lower div chem. Apart from their honor chem series grades, they had their fair share of A's and B's.</p>