UCSD Management Science or SJSU Business

<p>Ok here's my situation: I just did a year at UCSD majoring in Pharm Chemistry and have been thinking about doing business for a couple months now but UCSD does not have a business major. The closest thing it has would be Econ/Management Science. My family wants me to come home and get a Business degree at SJSU, however, I would first have to go to a community college first for a year or 2 to get enough credits and fulfill SJSU's lower division and GE requirements before applying. After talking to some counselors at the community college, apparently transfer admissions to SJSU is getting harder because of budget cuts, so I wouldn't even be guaranteed admissions as a business undergrad. Apparently the average business undergrad GPA is a 3.3, so I would have to bust my butt and get all A's at community college to raise my 2.97 GPA from UCSD.</p>

<p>So my 2 options are:</p>

<li>go to community college for 1-2 years and transfer to SJSU as a Business major</li>
<li>stay at UCSD and change major to Econ or Management Science</li>

<p>In either case, I plan to continue and get my MBA (not sure where yet). The 1st choice is a whole lot cheaper, but I read online that getting a business undergrad and then going for your MBA is repetitive and a waste of time. However, I don't know how useful Management Science is in the business world. I am looking to get into possibly Finance or something along those lines.</p>

<p>Basically I would like some advice on which choice would be more beneficial to me in the long run for a future career in business.</p>

<p>Forget which major is best, you need major GPA help!</p>

<p>You're going to be straight out rejected for most business interviews with a sub 3.0 GPA, and even 3.0 - 3.3 is a danger zone. The single best thing you can do for your career prospects is to get that to 3.5+ ASAP.</p>