UCSD may be my top choice(class of 2016)

<p>I've been on College Confidential for some time now, just looking around for the most part about colleges. And it seems that I may have found my top choice. I seem to have a feel for the campus and its students but I'd like the views of current ucsd students.
What's something really remarkable that you find about ucsd? If you could choose another college would you? Are you considering transferring out of ucsd? What are some sterotypes of ucsd and are they true? Which ones are/arent? How are the classes? </p>

<p>I know that most of these questions can be answered through just searching around the forums but I would like some more opinions on this
And finally...as much as I know how much the CC community must hates chance threads, would you consider me academically competitive for admission at this school? Should I consider this school as a reach,match, or safety? I only ask this because I'm having a tough time finding my college list...I'd just like to know where I stand.</p>

<p>I go to a semi-competitive public high school in California. I'm asian(indian) if you think it should be considered.
Unweighted cumulative GPA: 3.4-3.5
Weighted cumulative GPA: not sure but about 3.7-3.8
UC uncapped weighted GPA: 4.05
UC Capped weighted GPA: 3.76
very steep rising gpa trend, especially from sophmore to junior year, 3.0 UW to 3.8 UW
Rank: 70 something out of 712. barely missed top 10 percent.
Sat 1: 2150(780 CR; 690 Math; 680 Writing)
Sat 2: U.S. History- 740
World History- 720
Chemistry- 620(yikes)
E.C's/Awards: 4 years varsity track and field, academy leadership representative 4 years, club founder and president 3 years, key club 3 years, other random clubs, about 200-250 volunteer hours at summer kids camp, paid summer intern at law firm(very interesting time). various track and field regional and state awards/invites, posse semi-finalist, questbridge finalist, other random awards from school and such... </p>

<p>oh I almsot forgot, who the hell came up with, The Tritons? I like it but what's the history behind it?</p>

<p>ok let's take this one step at a time. it's going to be long, so enjoy :D

Yes and No. My yes would be because I want to be a pharmacist, so i wish i went to one of those accelerated pharm colleges with auto admission to pharm. school...
but since i didn't do that, no. i would never choose another college. :D</p>


Classes... ugh boring. Well from a freshman perspective. I find myself sitting in class and wanting to go to Geisel. But it could be just me. Also, sections are different. They are rather helpful, but i wish that they were optional in all cases. I have to go to my MMW section, and although it is interesting, i'd rather be going home. But idk, sections IMHO helps students more than we actually think [still wont stop me from not attending though :)]</p>

<p>and to answer your chance thread. I would say you have a decent shot. Everything seems to be in order, and maybe the GPA should be higher [i forget what the average is at UCSD].. but you have a great chance with those E.C.'s
keep in mind though, just because we tell you that you have a great shot, it doesn't mean you are in. Just to be sure about your list, you should definitely visit each campus you have applied to.</p>

<p>Good Luck! i got in with a 4.25 GPA, 1860 SAT, 650,620 SAT II, amazing ECs, a lot of volunteer, and IMO an outstanding essay :p oh and i guess i got bonus points for being Indian :P [that and the ELC stuff]</p>

<p>keep in mind UCSD has switched to a more "holistic" approach, which could either kill you or make you. generally, the holistic is in your favor, so with that said, you have a medium-high chance if that makes sense.
you would probably be above the average, but not as wanted as those "high" people...</p>

<p>Well thank you so much =) alot of people criticize College Confidential for whatever reasons but people like you really make this website into what it is, a helpful website to all those nervous college applicants/students. Thank you for all this information, really. I know it must have taken alot of time to get all this done and I appreciate it. And I'm sure there are going to be tons of other people who find this very useful also.</p>

<p>UCSD is definitely going to be my top choice this upcoming season and I would love to meet you if I ever get the chance.<br>
oh, your username kinda gives away the fact that you're indian =P its pretty funny...its such a common last name.</p>

<p>There's just something about UCSD and I that just click. :P I'm sorry, that's not a very good explanation. It's just the weather, the people, the environment that really falls in line with how I like to live my life. It can be very academically competitive sometimes but everyone is super friendly. I love the people that go to SD :) it's the people that make the home or whatever that saying is >__></p>

<p>If I could choose another college it would be Cal. But that's because I'm from Norcal, I practically grew up going to UC Berkeley every weekend--it's something that reminds me of home. It's not necessarily that Cal is better (for me).</p>

<p>Stereotypes: youll have to accept that we're just not a party school. We don't have frat houses, we are academically inclined. It does not mean that we're socially dead, however. I always viewed SD's social scene as a laid-back, not-quite-party-raging scene. Think outdoor activities, orgs, and closer-knit group fun. Oh, and the school can look ugly in certain places. I can't wait to see the day those concrete monoliths in Muir are renovated. It doesn't mean our overall campus is ugly--I like how we don't have a uniform architecture theme like LA, actually, because it adds charm. It's just that sometimes there's a bit of truth to those stereotypes.</p>

<p>Classes are what you make of them. I love attending class :P it sounds nerdy, but if you're not enjoying the majority of your major classes you need to reevaluate your career plan. Once you start college make sure you abuse every resource you have on classes so you get a feel of what's a fun class, who's a good prof, what'a decent workload for you, etc.</p>

<p>I don't do chances often, but mostly because I don't feel like I know enough to offer any advice :( sorry</p>


i actually agree with this more then what i posted. Like i said, since you will be a freshman you're general experience will be different. I find classes boring in a sense that the teacher is not teaching me the way i want to be taught [if that makes sense]. Just for example purposes, I have Chem 6A with a professor im not going to mention, and he makes Chem much more confusing then it should be. I like chem, i understand chem, but with him everything goes down the drain.
haha now i feel like im defending myself after reading Momo's post, but yeah, if you find classes boring then you should think about where you want to go. As a freshman you still have some time to think and decide, but the quicker you decide the better it is!</p>

<p>One thing to remember, and im saying this from personal experience, is don't think of college education much different form high school education [well for freshman year at least]. I went in to college thinking that it would be great, we would learn a variety of new things, this and that, no more HS stuff; but after a couple weeks, i learn that it's almost the same thing [either that or im still on senioritis haha]</p>

<p>Oh and one thing to remember about professors, is some are good, some are bad, some are okay. So when choosing classes makes ure you go to CAPE and RateMyProfessor :)
Though the teaching here isn't like teaching in India, that's for sure :p</p>

<p>oh wow lol i just told you how to choose professors at UCSD and you're just applying. lol take it as a sign ;)</p>

<p>@Momosky-I think I get what you mean momosky about how it feels right. hm..I think I'd like that type of social scene though. I see, well I'll probably come to the campus soon and check it out soon. =)
I was thinking of Economics as my proposed major when I apply, but I'll be sure to keep the "if you're not enjoying it, you need to reevaluate your career path." I think that's something that every college student should keep in mind. </p>

<p>@spatel23- hmm..that's interesting. I'll definitely pay attention to the way the professors work. haha yeah I kinda expect college to be different than high school but I'll see for myself how it works out =)
oh wow I just looked up CAPE, that's actually very ingenious. If I attend I'll be sure to check it before I choose my classes. haha true
hahaha well thank you</p>