UCSD Military

I will be attending UCSD but looking back on it, I am regretting I did not apply for any of the military academies. If I wish to pursue a military career in the future, what opportunites/steps should I take in order to reach that goal? Is it worth it to do ROTC at UCSD? Can I transfer to one of the military academies after one year at UCSD? Do the military academies have a graduate school I can attend after UCSD? ALL help is appreciated, thanks!

AFAIK, UCSD does not have ROTC on campus, but they have partnerships with other colleges in the area that do have ROTC. That’s how the ROTC kids at UCSD do it, I believe.

You can transfer to a military academy, but it’s not really “transferring” in the traditional sense, i.e. for Westpoint, you’d have to start as a 1st year and do another 4 years.

Yes. Absolutely. But you need to start applying this summer. Most senators and congressman have deadlines in the fall. (Just in case you did not know, all military academies except Coast Guard, require a nomination from a member of congress)

If you do attend an academy after a year at UCSD, you will still have to spend four years at the academy.

Not really, except for some extremely rare cases. Definitely do not plan on it.