UCSD or PCC-transfer-to-UCLA? I RLY NEED HELP!

<p>Guys, I really need help!
I got accepted by UCSD but rejected by UCLA. UCLA has always been my dream college, since it's close to my house so I dont have to move in dorm(most imporatant) and it has better reputation and better programs on engineering, computer and etc. I did a research on UCSD, and it turned out UCSD is only particularly good at biology, anything related to biology, and I really hate biology.... Other than biology (biology engineering, and other majors realted to it), UCLA is still better in many aspects. So.... One of my teachers is helping me with an application appeal, but it might take a while till the result comes back; in fact, it doesn't guarantee any response by May 1, by when I am supposed to make my choice.
My parents are worried about that I might be still rejected after two years, and I am concerned about this as well
Moreover, I dont want to move too far, because I got my parents and girlfriend here. UCLA fits in this perfectly. Luckily, it's only two-hour drive from here to UCSD. By the way, if I go to UCSD, I will have to take loans of $6800 per year and do the financial work, which is $2800.
I'm now getting stuck in middle... between going straight to UCSD and going to PCC and appealing at the same time, I dont know how to choose. because if i go for UCSD, i have to accept it now and pick my room as soon as possibile, which means I can't do the application appeal.
I am interested in computer and good at math, so I guess my major will be either computer engineering (or computer science) or mechanical engineering. If I go to PCC, I will change it to something like Applied mathematics,Mathematics of Computation, since it's easier to transfer with one of these major. But I dont even know what they do in real life...

<p>Please help me with the decision. UCSD's process of selecting room will be started in April. If I go for UCSD, I want to pick a single room
But um... I really want to make a right choice. No regret!</p>

<p>Can't you do a deposit at UCSD and then if your appeal works just lose that deposit? That seems like it would be worth it for the chance.<br>
And I'm not really familiar with the UC system... but is there something that prevents you from going to UCSD and transferring from there to UCLA after a year or two?</p>

<p>Transfering from UC to another UC is pretty difficult, even though it is not imposiible. But if I choose to do this, why dont I just go to community college and transfer, this way I can lots of money.</p>

<p>I did a research on UCSD, and it turned out UCSD is only particularly good at biology, anything related to biology</p>

<p>I am interested in the source of such information.</p>

<p>"UCSD is particularly strong in bio/biochem/biomed engineering, due to the very large bio industry in SD, but I wouldn't think it was quite the caliber of UCLA/USC in most other respects."</p>

<p>USC is no where near as well rounded across the entire academic sprecturm as UCLA. I actually feel USC is the least well rounded institution of these three. Its departmental strenghts are in the professional and arts fields, such as Film, Communications, Business, and also Engineering. It severely lacks solid departments in the sciences. It also lacks well ranked departments in the social sciences. UCSD on the other hand is very strong departments are in the sciences and some social sciences. These include Neurosciences, Biology (pre-med), Engineering, Political Science, and Econ. UCSD lacks high ranking departments in the humanities area. Neither of these two universities is strong across near as large an area as UCLA. And I am talking about departments, not sub areas of specific departments. Anyone can find random breakdowns in specific fields that USC or UCSD is good in. Im talking about departments. And UCLA has stronger departments across a much broader field than UCSD or USC. Period. I find it funny how the poster from USC above tried to lump USC with UCLA and say it was stronger across the board than UCSD. Hillarious. That is a ridiculous statement. USC is very very good at its strengths, but is lacking across the board. Saying it is better than USC is most other aspects is simply not true. And lumping it with UCLA in that matter is funny. UCSD is the same way as USC in the sense that it is very very good in its strong departments that its known for, but is not nearly as strong across the board as UCLA. I know this is something that both UCSD and USC are working on the become more well rounded universities, but neither is nearly as strong across the academic spectrum as UCLA. Im not saying neither has their random strong department in an broad area of study that they are not supposed to be strong in. But across the board UCLA is much stronger across a larger spectrum. Period. I dont know how someone could lump USC with UCLA in that regard and act like its education is somehow more "world class" than UCSD's across the board. Hillarious. USC is the least well rounded university across the whole academic spectrum out of these three.</p>

<p>"I'm a chemistry major, but thinking about changing it to maybe biochem or neuroscience"</p>

<p>If this guy is thinking about majoring in Chem and possibly changing it to Bio Chem or Neuroscience, how on earth could anyone tell him in good faith to be choosing USC over UCLA or UCSD. Come on. Neuroscience at UCSD is i believe the number one ranked program in the country and UCLA is also somewhat strong in this area. Chem and Bio Chem are also ranked much higher at UCLA/UCSD than at USC. USC is lower ranked than UCSD/UCLA in all of these areas the poster is interested in. I understand USC has its benefits, such as smaller classes. And this should be noted. But lets be realistic about these schools. "</p>

<p>This is what I read.</p>

<p>If you really have your heart set on UCLA, the easiest second shot you have is to go to PCC, ace your classes, save money, and then transfer in 2 years.</p>

<p>You can also apply to USC and other UCs as backups from PCC.</p>

<p>In the meantime, if you haven't visited UCSD, go make a visit...perhaps you'll really like it. </p>

better programs on engineering, computer and etc.


Worng, UCSD has better engineering and computer programs than UCLA.
UCSD is a fantastic school. Engineering rankings according to US News and World Report:</p>

<p>Computer Engineering
(At schools whose highest degree is a doctorate)
1 Massachusetts Inst. of Technology<br>
2 Carnegie Mellon University (PA)
2 Stanford University (CA)
4 University of California–Berkeley *
5 U. of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign *
6 Georgia Institute of Technology *
7 University of Michigan–Ann Arbor *
8 Cornell University (NY)
8 University of Texas–Austin *
10 California Institute of Technology<br>
11 Purdue Univ.–West Lafayette (IN)*
12 University of Washington *
13 Princeton University (NJ)
14 Univ. of Wisconsin–Madison *
*15 Univ. of California–Los Angeles * *
16 Northwestern University (IL)
16 Rice University (TX)
*18 Univ. of California–San Diego **
18 Univ. of Southern California<br>
20 Univ. of Maryland–College Park * </p>

<p>Electrical / Electronic / Communications
(At schools whose highest degree is a doctorate)
1 Massachusetts Inst. of Technology<br>
2 University of California–Berkeley *
3 Stanford University (CA)
4 U. of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign *
5 University of Michigan–Ann Arbor *
6 Georgia Institute of Technology *
7 California Institute of Technology<br>
8 Cornell University (NY)
9 University of Texas–Austin *
10 Carnegie Mellon University (PA)
11 Princeton University (NJ)
12 Purdue Univ.–West Lafayette (IN)*
13 Northwestern University (IL)
*14 Univ. of California–San Diego **
*15 Univ. of California–Los Angeles **
15 Univ. of Southern California<br>
17 Univ. of Wisconsin–Madison *
17 University of Washington *
17 Virginia Tech *
20 Columbia University (NY)
20 Pennsylvania State U.–University Park *
20 Univ. of California–Santa Barbara *
23 Johns Hopkins University (MD) </p>

(At schools whose highest degree is a doctorate)
1 Massachusetts Inst. of Technology<br>
2 Stanford University (CA)
3 University of California–Berkeley *
4 University of Michigan–Ann Arbor *
5 U. of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign *
6 Georgia Institute of Technology *
7 Purdue Univ.–West Lafayette (IN)*
8 Cornell University (NY)
9 California Institute of Technology<br>
10 Carnegie Mellon University (PA)
11 University of Texas–Austin *
12 Pennsylvania State U.–University Park *
13 Princeton University (NJ)
14 Virginia Tech *
15 Texas A&M Univ.–College Station *
16 Univ. of Minnesota–Twin Cities *
17 Northwestern University (IL)
18 Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst. (NY)
19 Univ. of Wisconsin–Madison *
20 Johns Hopkins University (MD)
21 Ohio State University–Columbus *
22 Lehigh University (PA)
22 Michigan Technological University *
*22 Univ. of California–San Diego **
22 Univ. of California–Santa Barbara * </p>

(At schools whose highest degree is a doctorate)
Methodology 1 U. of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign *
1 University of California–Berkeley *
3 Massachusetts Inst. of Technology<br>
4 Stanford University (CA)
5 Georgia Institute of Technology *
6 University of Texas–Austin *
7 University of Michigan–Ann Arbor *
8 Purdue Univ.–West Lafayette (IN)*
9 Cornell University (NY)
10 Texas A&M Univ.–College Station *
11 Virginia Tech *
12 California Institute of Technology<br>
12 Carnegie Mellon University (PA)
14 Univ. of Wisconsin–Madison *
15 Northwestern University (IL)
15 Princeton University (NJ)
17 Johns Hopkins University (MD)
17 University of Washington *
19 Pennsylvania State U.–University Park *
19 Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst. (NY)
*19 Univ. of California–San Diego **
19 University of Florida * </p>

<p>Biomedical / Biomedical Engineering
(At schools whose highest degree is a doctorate)
1 Johns Hopkins University (MD)
2 Duke University (NC)
3 Georgia Institute of Technology *
*4 Univ. of California–San Diego **
5 University of Pennsylvania<br>
6 Massachusetts Inst. of Technology<br>
7 Case Western Reserve Univ. (OH)
8 Boston University<br>
9 Rice University (TX)
9 University of Michigan–Ann Arbor *
11 Northwestern University (IL)
12 University of Washington *
13 Stanford University (CA)
14 University of California–Berkeley *
15 Vanderbilt University (TN)
16 Univ. of Wisconsin–Madison *
16 University of Virginia *
16 Washington University in St. Louis<br>
19 Tulane University (LA)
19 University of Texas–Austin *
21 Cornell University (NY)
21 University of Utah *
23 Columbia University (NY) </p>

<p>If it's any school that's lacking, it's UCLA in terms of engineering breadth and depth.</p>

<p>What I like about UCLA is only because it's in LA...
UCSD, I have to work and take loans.
If UCSD were in LA, I would go there.</p>

<p>^ It's still instate tuition (a great bargain for a great education)...and going away could be great learning experience for you.</p>

<p>But, if you're truly worried about finances, go to PCC, work hard and transfer in 2 years.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>either going to PCC or UCSD has lots of pros and cons
truly dont know how to make this decision</p>

<p>You can select UCSD dorm for now but you don't have to go if you don't want to later. How much money do you loose if you decide not to go later?</p>

<p>I am not sure. I guess it's around $200-300</p>

<p>One more thing. The rent in UCSD is extremely high. After my sophomore year, I will have to rent a room or share rent a house with sometone off campus, which costs like $750 per person. It is a lot of money, and PCC can help me save a lot depending on housing.</p>

<p>I already talked to my parents about this situation.
They are greatly concerned about the financial issue. I asked a student in UCSD who rented a room off the campus, which cost her $800 a month. Plus the food and etc, she has to pay more than $1100 a month herself, which is a lot to a family.
But they are also worried about what if I still get rejected by UCLA after two years in PCC.</p>

<p>^ That's why you'll need to apply to other schools as well. Perhaps a Cal State as a financial safety as well. Two years at PCC will minimize the total cost of your education.</p>

<p>Make sure you check transfer statistics from other CCs in the area to find out what gives you the best shot. I know that PCC has a lot of transfers to UC, but Santa Monica is also a significant feeder school. Also, since you're interested in minimizing cost, find out how many years it takes to complete your bachelor's when transferring in from PCC/SMCC/etc to UCLA, especially as you're interested in a technical field. You might need to figure on three years at UCLA, or even more.</p>

<p>If money is a concern go to CC and transfer. You might not get to UCLA later but you have a good chance. UCSD engineering program has a good reputation. I'm not sure why you think UCLA is better than UCSD. My ex-boy friend graduated from UCLA Summa Cum Laude(within 3 years) and got laid off within 2 years. This is not against UCLA but rather success in your career depends on a lot of factors. Most state schools have very good engineering program.</p>

<p>There are student loans. You can also look into becoming a RA in your dorm which lowers your costs significantly. UCSD is just as good as UCLA in terms of education.</p>

<p>What I would be concerned about is that every year, its getting harder and harder to get into UC schools. There are many kids I know that didn't get into the UC's they thought they would. In our high school last year, UCLA took 95 kids and UCB took 65 kids. I think this year's stats will be much lower. Just remember that if kids applying as freshman's are having a hard time, transfers will have even a harder time. In 2 years, who knows how hard it will be.</p>

<p>I would go to a JC if you didn't get into a good college, but you did. UCSD is a great college. What if you didn't get into UCLA in 2 years, then what? You might find yourself at a lesser UC then you want or even out of state at a private university which would cost you more money.</p>

Just remember that if kids applying as freshman's are having a hard time, transfers will have even a harder time. In 2 years, who knows how hard it will be.


<p>The way the UCs are set up, it's harder to get in as freshman. They prefer students to transfer in so transfer is not even harder, it's easier as a transfer. Unlike private schools like Harvard.</p>

<p>Thanks for the correction.</p>