<p>My friend got into UCSB as an econ/accounting major and put in the SIR for it already. She just got accepted off of the wait list as an econ major for UCSD. She's really torn about what school to pick now because UCSB was always her dream school but then UCSD has a better reputation. What do you think she should pick? She would like your opinions on what school and why you think it's best. Thanks guys for all your help! :)</p>

<p>Please tell her not to pick a school because of “reputation”. Pick that school you always wanted to go to! I also got accepted to UCSD, but I’m going to go to UCSB because that has always been my dream school. I was a little reluctant because UCSD has the prestige, but at the end prestige is not going to make me happy. Both schools are top 10 public universities anyway…</p>

<p>@mermaker Yeah that’s what I told her too. Like she should pick which school she’d be happiest in and which school she’d see herself doing academically best in right? What made you pick SB and why was it your dream school if you don’t mind me asking? and what’s your major?</p>

<p>Even though UCSB and UCSD are similar in terms of location, I think UCSB has more to offer than UCSD. If you want to get some perspective on UCSD, read what alumni and current students have to say. Just google UCSD reviews; there are are a ton of websites that offer reviews.
These are the reason why I chose UCSB:

[<em>] 2 hours away from LA. This was a pretty big reason since I don’t want to live too far from home, yet I want to live far enough. It’s nice to be able to drive back home whenever you want without it being a hassle. UCSD is also 2 hours away from LA too.
[</em>] Proximity to the beach: UCSB is the only University in the U.S. with it’s own private beach! This awesome since I surf and being close to the beach is definitely a must.
Don’t be fooled, UCSD is not that close to the beach! It seriously took like 20min of walking to get there, and when we finally did get to the beach, we had to walk down a freaking cliff side to get to the ocean! It was just a huge inconvenience! Oh, and did I tell you? It’s a nudist beach so be prepared for that. I could honestly see myself going to the beach maybe once a quarter at UCSD. It’s simply too far of a walk to make a habit of it.
[<em>] Social Scene: UCSB hands down has a better social scene. This isn’t even a competition. We have beach parties frequently, huge events like Extravaganza, Deltopia, and Halloween. You walk out the door and it’s there in your face! Seriously, I’m not even a student there and partying in IV has always been a blast! I was there few a weeks ago and I met some pretty chill people at a house party in IV. We got close and ended up playing Texas hold 'em with $5 buy-ins until 4 in the morning. You can meet people with out a problem.
From what I hear this is the exact opposite at UCSD. Seriously, just read the reviews. You’ll hear a lot of “we do have a social life, you just have to find it”, or “It’s what you make of it”. And I agree, but at UCSB it’s there. You don’t have to go hunting and lurking for a social life.<br>
[</em>] It’s the only UC with my major: There are only 2 UC’s that clearly offer an Anthropology B.A. with an emphasis in Biology; that’s UCSB and UCSD. Out of those 2, UCSB has more of an emphasis on Evolutionary Anthropology and that is exactly what I want. They offer a ton of courses on Evolutionary Psychology, human behavior, evolution of cooperation, etc. No other UC comes close!</p>