UCSD Pharmacology/Pharmacy

<p>hey guys.. this is mainly for people who know about the UCSD Skaggs 7 year pharmacy program...</p>

<p>I am an entering freshman into UCSD and my major is pharmacological Chemistry.
Now i would like to enter the 7 year program and was looking for information. on one site this poster said that an option would be to apply during sophomore year and if you get accepted then go straight to pharmacy school and ignore the B.S. degree as it really isn't necessary.. i don't know if this is true and all, but can someone help me on the best method of approaching pharm school. like is it really possible to do only 6 years? also can someone explain how it is "7" years.. im still a bit unsure about that .. and i have AP credit [to help me skip classes] :)</p>

<p>i guess besides those questions, can someone just explain to me [darn.. now im confused over what im asking ;)].... just explain to me what the Skaggs 7 year program is about ,etc.. im going to look it up on the site too, but i just wanted a "personal" experience too.
thanks btw!</p>

<p>The 7-year program is sort of an accelerated program for students who excel not only in academics, but also extracurricular activities (club participation, volunteering, research, etc). </p>

<p>You can find the requirements of the 7-year program here: <a href="http://www-chem.ucsd.edu/academic/Ugrad/7yr.pharmchem.bs.pdf%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www-chem.ucsd.edu/academic/Ugrad/7yr.pharmchem.bs.pdf&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>You apply for the program at the end of your 2nd year (like you had mentioned). Only about two people get accepted into the program each year, out of about 20 applicants. Unless you have a lot of AP credits for the required classes (chemistry, biology, physics, math), you will have to be able to handle a rigorous class load (~21 units per quarter) just to meet all the required classes to be even able to apply to the program. Aside from all the required classes and GPA (minimum 3.50), you'll also need to show that you're involved outside of just regular coursework (as I mentioned previously). </p>

<p>If you are accepted into the program, you'll have to finish all your undergraduate coursework in three years, and then start pharmacy school classes at Skaggs beginning fourth year.</p>

<p>thanks adl0816</p>

<p>another thing-
can i just drop working on my B.S. if I get accepted to a pharm school [this is now general pharm school].. maybe one of those accelerated programs? and just work to get a Pharm.D</p>

<p>can I just do two years of undergrad, fulfill the pre-req's and all and then just go to pharm school [assuming I get accepted]</p>

<p>EDIT: wow i used hte wrong word. instead of "drop" i mean finish my second year of undergrad and then transfer to a pharm school [assuming i get accepted].. and like i mentioned above. ANY Pharm school, not just Skaggs, but perhaps one of those "accelerated" programs.</p>

<p>That I am not sure of. Each pharmacy school has its own requirements. You should check each school's website to see if they require a B.S. degree for acceptance or not.</p>

<p>also can i go to an "accelerated Pharm program" from UCSD?? </p>

<p>like go three years at UCSD then go 3 years at an "accelerated pharm"</p>

<p>There's no accelerated program that I know of at UCSD, aside from the 7-year Pharm.D/B.S. program that I had mentioned.</p>