UCSD - Problem

<p>UCSD offered me admissions for Fall 2008
I already accepted the (SIR) But I'm worried, I don't know if my provisional admission will be cancelled. Because of my grades.</p>

<p>I saw some mistakes in my grades (The ones that i entered in the application)
Can i call UCSD and tell them that i had mistakes, Are they going to cancell my admission?</p>

9th Grade</p>

<p>Chemcom 1 - Self reported in Application: A Trascript shows: B
Chemcom 2 - Self reported in Application: A Trascript shows: B
World Geog 1 - Self reported in Application: B Trascript shows: A</p>

<p>Is my admission going to be cancelled?</p>

<p>My triton link says:
"All academic information you reported on the admission application will be verified against your official transcripts as indicated in your Contract for Provisional Admission. Any inconsistencies between this data and official documents (high school and college transcripts) will result in cancellation of your admission offer. Upon successful completion of validation by the Office of Admissions and Relations with Schools, this requirement will be met. "</p>

<p>Call them.</p>

<p>considering its 9th grade, probably not.</p>

<p>they use a point system that exludes freshman year. and it looks like a legit mistake because you under-reported a grade</p>

<p>it shouldnt be a problem, but you should call and get it worked out, instead of waiting for them to find out</p>