UCSD rescind?

i'm an international student from Singapore whos been accepted for the fall 12 quarter. i took the ib programme in 2009. I made a mistake on my application where i listed my ib test grades in the term 4 section of year 12 (i had no school nor exams during this period as we were on study break as our entire high school programme is geared completely towards completing the IB; to pass the IB was to graduate) and as such higher grades are reflected as compared to those on my official transcripts.</p>

<p>I called UCSD multiple times and they told me to update them through the portal but it only gave me 240 characters to convey my issue. Some told me it would be okay, others told me i had to wait and see. i know a discrepancy in information is a serious offense hence my trepidation. the grades listed for that term consisted of two '2's as well, on a scale from 1 to 7. Rest were 5s and 6s.</p>