UCSD (Revelle) vs SLO for CS

Hi! I am a student from India and I have been accepted into Calpoly SLO and UC San Diego(Revelle college) in Computer Science major. I would really appreciate if anyone could help me in figuring out which one would be the best choice and has a better program.
Thank you.

Are both schools affordable?
Do you want to be in and around a large city with access to an International airport or a small coastal town with limited airport transportation and access?
UCSD is a large research university while SLO is a smaller hands on university. What kind of student experience are you looking for when selecting a university?
Which school has better name recognition for employers in India since it can make a difference once you return to work there?

Have you compared CS curriculums and possible electives of interest between the 2 schools?



There is no bad option between the 2 schools and you will get an excellent education at both schools. UCSD and SLO will have different student experiences and only you can determine which one is a better fit.