UCSD specific stuff

<p>Hopefully someone will answer this! I got into E. Roosevelt College at UCSD, and my friends got into Revelle...and basically make it seem like Revelle's the BEST. my major is managerial science, and theirs are math/econ. I put Roosevelt as my first and Revelle as my second. I heard that Roosevelt is the farthest away, all athletes (I play tennis so thats ok), etc, actually I haven't heard much about it</p>

<p>my question is, is Revelle really that much better than Roosevelt? I really had no clue what I was doing when I was ranking the colleges, I just figured Roosevelt would be cool because I kind of admire the former First Lady (yes, cheezy). Also, what is Roosevelt like? I've combed these forums and posts and haven't learned anything substantial about it.</p>


<p>im in marshall...i hope revelle is not the best</p>

<p>The colleges aren't so different as far as majors, but do differ in their learning style and required courses, as well as their philosophies. I remember someone saying, when I went to tour the school and listen to the info session, that the point of all of the different colleges is to give students a good education in the field of their choice regardless of how they learn best. So, it's a matter of which college has the best learning style/requirements for you, not that one is necessarily better than the other. </p>

<p>As far as amenities, I'm not so sure if any one is better than another. I mean, I'm sure some have better dining/res halls than others, etc. But I honestly don't know specifics in that respect.</p>

<p>I was accepted into Muir, which was my first choice, but I sat down and ranked them all before I sent in my app. I chose Muir because it suited me best, not because it seemed like the "#1 College" or anything.</p>

<p>As far as Roosevelt College, it focuses on cultural diversity and such. I believe that's the one that they said had the intensive study in world cultures...there was something about understanding/being a part of diversity. </p>


<p>Um, okay. Here's some specifics. To quote the UCSD website, Roosevelt "Promotes the creation of internationally minded, culturally aware students and citizens, with many graduates opting to work in socially oriented jobs" and "Focuses its core education program on a cross-cultural interdisciplinary approach to both Western and non-Western cultures."</p>

<p>Hope this helps. :)</p>

<p>If you really want more information, I'd search the website. I'm sure it's loaded with good info. </p>

<p>The Undergrad Colleges Website (gives info on the whole program): Prospective</a> Students: The Undergraduate College System
Roosevelt's website: Roosevelt</a> College</p>

<p>I heard Revelle was the worst... They have the hardest GE's and it's an old building and yeah. ER is good, and the whole building is newww and pretty. Be happy with where you are</p>

<p>there is NO "best" college or "worst" college on the UCSD campus. </p>

<p>some colleges may appeal to you more than others depending on your preferences for academics, GEs, housing, and location, but there is no consensus among the student body as to best and worst. happy students are found in each college, sad students are found in each college. </p>

<p>after your first or second year, and until commencement, you won't even consider yourself part of your college anymore (unless you have some GEs hanging around), you'll just be a UCSD student. </p>

<p>the "what college are you?" question is really only common among freshman conversations. it was something i'd ask my students out of curiosity (and see if i could give them advice, old notes, etc), but not to people of my class level.</p>

<p>don't pay attention to stereotypes about the colleges (roosevelt isn't "all athletes," just like Warren isn't all engineering majors).</p>

<p>Roosevelt has the newest/nicest housing on campus, if that makes you feel any better</p>

<p>...good thing about roosevelt... nice dorms.... nice dining hall... everything looks pretty new....
down side... a little out of the way.... but near the gym ....and i think thats the college with six quarters of MMW... thats going to be a pain....</p>

<p>revelle.... good thing.... is that youre in the first college started in ucsd.... and decent location...
bad thing... condidtion of dorms (since its so old), the dining hall isnt too great.... and if you want second year housing you have to move to the apts in sixth college...</p>

<p>but dont worry i was like that too when i got my accpetances... seriously everyone in my school got into marshall and made it seem like the best...but after coming here they were all jealous that i went to muir! so dont worry about it... erc is REALLY nice....</p>