Ucsd tag question/problem

<p>hey guys, so basically im wondering if classes like math 114 (which is non UC-transferable) counted toward the ucsd tag requirement of 45 quarter units at a ccc. if it does, then im at a nice, safe 46 units. if not, then im at about 41/42 units. so what say you? if they decided to not give me a tag...am i f ucked? my gpa would be at about a 3.7, and i'm a history major. sorry if its a dumb thread......my counselors just really know nothing.

<p>non-transferable courses do not count...so ur out of luck. but it all depends on ucsd. maybe u will get lucky. who knows.</p>

<p>This is taken directly from the UCSD website:</p>

<p>Are you eligible?
You must be a California community college student. Do you meet the definition?
You have been enrolled at one or more CCCs for at least 2 regular terms (excludes summer sessions)
You have completed at least 30 semester (45 quarter) UC-transferable units at a CCC
You are attending a CCC as your last college before UC San Diego admission (excludes summer sessions</p>

<p>It says specifically UC Transferable units, so that math class wont count.</p>

<p>wahhh thanks guys. im prolly guna make a chance thread when i get back my summer grades ;[</p>

<p>my counselors don't know much either.</p>

<p>its so annoying. this one other dumb bz told me that the units i had when i was at UCR actually counted toward tag. i was like no.......they dont. then she called up ucsd and they were like yeah they dont count toward tag...lol win.</p>