UCSD TAG Question

<p>Hi everyone
UCSD requires you to complete two UC English courses and one UC math course by the end of fall 2012 as part of the the TAG agreement</p>

<p>My question is:
I have taken the two UC English courses at my community college but for the one UC math course - will that be fulfilled through my AP Calculus AB course? I scored a 5
OR must I take some UC math course at my CC in order to be eligible</p>

<p>Please I would appreciate response since I want to drop calculus 2 but don't know whether I would become disqualified for TAG. Drop deadline is tomorrow</p>

<p>Btw I meet all other units and GPA requirements for tag</p>

<p>Have you started you TAG application? You can start it and save it as you go along without submitting it until you are ready.
I am not sure about this and neither confirm or deny but there is a tab where you submit ALL CC courses and the next tab lets you input AP and IB courses you've taken. I would start on the application fill out all the forms and see what happens if it says you are eligible or not. Or search in side this forum or on the UC TAG website possibly on the FAQ portion.</p>

<p>Good question. I would call and ask them directly for an answer.</p>

<p>UCSD</a> TAG FAQ</p>

<p>Using this as backup, I would say its perfectly fine and acceptable that an AP course covers a TAG requirement, so long as that school offers credit for that score. (which there are no doubts since you scored a 5) TAG is just a contract stating you will have those courses done by the time you transfer, and AP exams can satisfy said courses. Though if you're super uncertain still, just call admission and ask. They've probably been asked this before and will be glad to answer.</p>

<p>u better hurry because i heard UCSD is not going to be accepting TAG after 2013</p>

<p>^ and last year we heard that UCSD is not going to be accepting TAG after 2012</p>

<p>Fall 2014 application cycle is the last for UCSD TAG (September 2013 is the last time you can apply for UCSD TAG).</p>