UCSD TAG, ranking the 6 colleges

<p>So, I've kinda read through them, and I know stuff like what extra upper division GE work is required and etc, but if anyone goes to UCSD and knows like the inside scoop on the lifestyle of each college, I would appreciate it if you let me know.</p>

<p>Also, just in general, for people who are also tagging, how are you guys ranking the 6 colleges? and how did you come to your decision?</p>

<p>As a current UCSD transfer student, the only influence the college I’m in, which is Revelle, has had on my university experience is what GE’s I have to take, that’s it. For freshmen, it tends to be different because what college you’re in determines what dorms you’ll live in so you’re likely to spend more of your time in that area and interacting with those people in your dorm. On campus housing for transfers, however, is at the Village where you may be roomed with and will encounter other transfer students from any of the colleges.</p>

<p>In terms of “lifestyle” differences, the only thing I can think of is that the separate colleges tend to host their own separate social events throughout the year. So you may go to different events based on what college you’re in. That being said, those events generally are open to all UCSD students and they tend to be inclusive of anyone that wants to come from the other colleges. I’ve attended many events for colleges other than Revelle, so as a student you should be open to the same social events as anyone else, regardless of college. Besides that the only other thing I can think of is that you’ll go to a college specific orientation for one day. As far as I know though, all the orientations are relatively the same (i.e. boring). They just separate it based on college to make it more organized and easier to manage. Other than that the college you’re in really shouldn’t change your college experience so don’t worry too much about about which one to choose. You’ll likely have classes that will take you to all parts of the school in all of the colleges, so don’t worry about being confined to any area on campus. </p>

<p>In terms of what to pick, I’d highly advise you to go the websites for the separate colleges and see what GE’s you’ll need to take after you transfer and then look them up in the course catalog and plan what you’ll take in the schedule of classes. If you’ve completed IGETC/TAG make sure you look for the section that say’s IGETC instead of guessing from the long list of GE’s for freshmen. Either rank them by which has the GE’s that most interest you or my advice would be to pick the college that will let you take the easiest, fewest GE’s. Just to give you a quick breakdown of the GE’s from my perspective for those transfers with IGETC:</p>

<p>Revelle - required to take specific science/math courses and a year of a foreign language (only pick Revelle if you’re a hard science/engineering major as GE’s will overlap and/or if you took a foreign language in CC or have AP credit)
Muir - Often mentioned as having easy GE’s but probably more for freshmen/those that didn’t finish IGETC, require a writing course and a “diversity” course (humanities, art, etc)
Marshall - flexible, only require 2 upper division courses outside of your major
ERC - more writing based GE’s (probably better for humanities/social science majors)
Warren - flexible, allows you pick various GE’s unrelated to your major
Sixth - very flexible, allow you to complete part of their GE sequence in various ways like study abroad, research, etc (I wish I had picked Sixth because I would’ve only needed to finish 1 GE; however, that isn’t the same for everyone in Sixth)</p>

<p>If I could pick all over I probably would’ve went with this order 1.Sixth 2. Marshall 3. Warren 4. Revelle 5. Muir 6. ERC.
That’s specific to what would’ve been the easiest for me though as a Biology major coming in with the classes I had. You really need to put a little though into it and do a little research to see what would be the best for you.</p>

<p>@dilapidatedmind, I’m obviously not the OP but that was extremely helpful. Thanks!</p>

<p>Yah same, that was very useful information. I already knew about the online brochure thing, which lists the the ge information for both freshmen and transfers (who completed igetc and who haven’t), but the way you described the “flexibility” of each was useful and the along with the lifestyle. Thank you.</p>

<p>I submitted my TAG as a Political Science major - so here’s how I ranked the colleges:</p>

<li>Marshall </li>
<li>Muir </li>
<li>Roosevelt </li>
<li>Warren </li>
<li>Sixth </li>
<li>Revelle </li>

<p>I ranked Revelle last because it was very science and mathematics heavy for the GE’s. That’s certainly not my interest after transferring. I know Warren has a lot of engineering students. From what I’ve had experiences with, engineering students scoff so much as social science majors.</p>