UCSD TAG Transfer "D" Grade

<p>I got accepted to UCSD for TAG this fall and I was wondering if I would be rescinded if I received a D in a UC Transferable Class this semester. My contract states I just need a 3.0+ overall and a 2.0 for the term, and I still have 60 units.</p>

<p>my IGETC will also be completed</p>

<p>U should give us more info, what class you gettin a D and what is ur major</p>

<p>calculus 1. physics major</p>

<p>umm, i think u r in a dangerous situation.. Calculus 1 is the minimum transferable math class for science major. I guess u need up to multivariable calculus and linear algebra to compete ur lower division GE.. u should contact UCSD tom ASAP and find out what u can do.</p>

<p>no i completed precalc</p>

<p>the only way to find out is tell them.</p>

<p>You're a physics major but are in Calc 1? At my CC you can't even take mechanical physics without clearing that prereq...</p>

<p>^ you can TAG UCSD without pre-reqs. I got into EE without taking a single physics course and math only through Calc 2.</p>

<p>If you're a physics major and got a D in calc 1....you should change your major</p>

<p>You wouldn't necessarily need to change your major. I'd say double (maybe even triple) your effort when you head to a UC..</p>

<p>wow its amazing how easy it is to get into ucsd...</p>

<p>It's not necessarily the end of the line for your major. That said, you should definitely retake Calc 1, and this time do everything you can to get an A. Otherwise Calc 2 will chew you up and spit you out as a mangled liberal arts major.</p>

<p>"If you're a physics major and got a D in calc 1....you should change your major"</p>


<p>There's no need to change majors. If physics is what he wants to do and is willing to work hard for it, he can do it. I got a D in Calc 1 then retook the course and got an A. I haven't got anything lower than a C since (vector calc did things to me that shouldn't be spoken of). </p>

<p>People who told me I should change majors are still at my CC while I'm leaving with an AS in Engineering and plan to graduate in two years from UCSD.</p>

<p>^True :) Just have to work harder =] Not all Mathematician is good at Physics and vice versa xD Well, you will need to study harder to get better grade in Cal I-III because you will need it to derive crap load of stuffs.</p>

<p>Cal I and Cal II basically cover the concept of derivative and Integration. Cal III is the most important to those who study in physic and Engineering, it will cover unit vector, vector field, surface integral, line integral, 3 dimensional object..
In my opinion, cal II is easier than cal I and Cal III is the hardest hardest course i ever took in cc.... so.... you need to work hard and you have to get an A!!!! because they are all 5 unit class, otherwise your GPA will be affect significantly if you get anything lower than that</p>