UCSD TAG Unit Cap?

<p>Hey guys, so I was getting my units/GPA together and I have 57.5 units taken. Right now i'm taking my last IGETC English class which would put me at 60.5. I don't think UCSD would discount my TAG eligibility if I have .5 more than 60 right? Especially on a course i'm required to take?</p>

<p>My question is, is there a Cap on the # of UC transferable units I can take that count toward my TAG? By spring of '10 I won't have 90 units or anything, I just want to make sure, because I keep seeing what is required (having at least 60 units, etc.) but is there limit on how many units I can have (above 60) that will make me ineligible?</p>


<p>If you've never been to a 4 year before, there is no cap on the number of units you can transfer with. There is a cap of 105 quarter units that they will give you, but this is a good thing as it permits you to take even more classes at the UC before running into their 200 or so cap on units before graduation.</p>